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10 bizarre but guaranteed ways to reduce the effects of the hangover

We all to love to party with our friends but we dread the hangover we have to go through the next day. When we start our day with a hangover that doesn’t seem to reduce then our whole day goes down the drain and we feel like just sleeping. So here I give you 10 bizarre but guaranteed ways of reducing hangover effects.

Dry fried canary

In ancient Rome when they felt the effects of hangover from their wild nights they cured it by stuffing themselves with dry fried canary. I don’t think that quite possible these days because canary’s are pretty pricy and dry frying them is too yucky.

Dried Bull penis

bizarre hangover cures

Italy has found one of the weirdest cure called the ‘Pizzle’ or as we know it as dried bull penis. This is said to be a very effective cure as it increases the stamina, therefore it was even requested during the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Sparrow droppings

This hangover cure is introduced by Hungary and for the cure, they mix sparrow droppings in their brandy. It is said to cure hangovers quite effectively but you will face the risk of getting exposed to dangerous parasite, bacteria etc.

Prairie oyster

bizarre hangover cures

This US based cure is a disgusting concoction of tomato juice, a raw egg, 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce, salt, black pepper and 2 dashes of tobacco. If you can get it down your throat then this concoction is said to cure hangovers very quickly.


New Zealanders have a bizarre but awesome cure for hangover and that is to fill your stomach with a tasty mince and cheese pie followed by a glass of chocolate milk. This is by far my favourite cure especially as chocolate is involved.

Duck embryo

bizarre hangover cures

‘Balut’ is a Philippines cure that is quite disgusting to even imagine. This cure consists of consuming a fertilized duck embryo that has been poached. It is said that the cysteine present in this egg is said to break down hangover causing toxin.

Pickled sheep eyeballs

Mongolia has quite a bizarre cure that involves consuming pickled sheep eyeballs added to tomato juice. This cure is said to help your liver purge out alcohol from your body thereby removing its effects. This cure is totally for the non-squeamish people.

Pickled plums

bizarre hangover cures

One of the traditional cure for hangover for the Japanese is ‘umeboshi’ or pickled plums that is said to be a guaranteed cure for hangover. This cure is highly advised for people who have an adventurous palate as these plums are simultaneously salty and sour.

Irn-Bru sausage

Iru-Bru is a common Scottish soft drink and they have made their hangover cure with it. Their cure is sausage made in Irn-Bru rather than water and it is quite effective because the fatty acids of sausage linger in the stomach thereby reducing nausea and headache.

Fish scrapes

bizarre hangover cures
After Hours With Iggy

This Peruvian cure is made of fish scrapes, lime juice, lemon juice, ginger, garlic and fish stock. It is said to be quite effective, fast as well as tasty cure which is quite rare in a hangover cure. But while making the cure choose a good quality fish otherwise the taste might be affected.

These are a few bizarre hangover cures that are guaranteed to cure hangover but try at your own risk.

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