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10 common skincare mistakes & How To remedy It

10 Common Skin Care Mistakes Everyone Does & How It Can Be Remedied

Skin Care mistakes

It’s every woman’s dream to have a glowing, clear, beautiful young skin. Right? Yet we end up committing some common skin care mistakes that could be easily avoided. A glowing skin requires a routine of facial care and treatment. At times we compromise with our routine care without realizing it.

Here are the most common skin care mistakes we do to our skin.

1. Leaving the skin bare after cleansing;

10 Common Skin Care Mistakes Everyone Does & How It Can Be Remedied - moisturizer

When you leave your skin bare for more than a minute, it starts to dry up. Your skin loses moisture. It is important to moisturize your skin immediately after cleansing to protect it from drying and getting a tight feeling.

2. Using the wrong products;

skin care mistakes

Are you using the right products for skin? Are you getting the best results from the products you use?

Is your response no?

Find out your skin type and the right products you are to use for your skin type. Go for the right skin care products for your skin.

3. Care for Blemish;

10 Common Skin Care Mistakes Everyone Does & How It Can Be Remedied Care for Blemish

Most of us care for blemishes in the wrong way. We pick on them and apply the treatment on the spot. Blemishes are treated well when in a routine procedure. Attacking the acne scar will result to more blackheads.

4. Not drinking enough water;

10 Common Skin Care Mistakes Everyone Does & How It Can Be Remedied not drinking enough water

80 percent of our body is water. Water is, therefore, crucial in the body.

Water flushes out toxins. Drink enough water; your skin will show. The juices and sugary drinks don’t give a good percentage of fluid in the body. Drink at least eight glasses of water in a day to have a glowing skin.

5. Not using sunscreen;

Common Skin Care Mistakes - Not using sunscreen

Sunscreen helps prevent skin discolouration, age spots, skin cancer, reduces blotchiness and prevents wrinkles. When under the sun always wear sunscreen to avoid the discomfort of heat rashes or, sunburns.

6. Wash your hair before the face;

Skin Care Mistakes wash your hair

Hair products can clog your pores. Shampoo, condition and rinse your hair well before washing your face. By doing this, you prevent your face from clogging with the hair conditioner and shampoo.

7. Not getting enough sleep is one of the most often repeated skin care mistakes;

Skin Care Mistakes Not getting enough sleep

Sleep is important for the whole body. Get at least 6 to 8 hours of good sleep every day.The body recharges after getting a good rest. As you sleep, keep everything from your T.v set, and mobile phone off.

8. Not bathing before bedtime;

Common Skin Care Mistakes - not bathing

A warm bath will be good for you after a busy working day. Before you retire to bed, pamper yourself with a bubble bath. Your skin will feel fresh and clean. You will sleep better.

9.Never sleep with makeup;

Common Skin Care Mistakes wearing makeup to sleep

Sleeping with makeup on aggravates skin problems. Your pore will be clogged, and this gives room for acne and blackheads.Wash your face before going to bed.

10.Overusing Moisturizers;

Skin Care Mistakes too much moisturizer

Using multiple moisturizers on your skin to control dry skin will clog your pores and will be a waste of your money.
When it comes to having a soft, beautiful, glowing skin, have a routine of taking care of your skin. Use the friendly products for your skin and take a lot of water

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