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10 simple tips for healthy pregnancy

These 10 Easy To Follow Tips Will Ensure A Safe & Healthy Pregnancy For YOU

10 simple tips for Healthy Pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy is something which every woman who has conceived aspires to, pre- pregnancy is the right time to start taking good care both regarding emotionally and physically.

In this piece, there are some useful tips which will help you to learn about healthy pregnancy. Every pregnant woman should follow these important tips to ensure healthy baby and problem free pregnancy. There are many important things to consider when you are pregnant, try to avoid all kind of bad habits like drinking, smoking, get sufficient rest on a regular basis. Here are some important points to consider for a healthy pregnancy:

1. During pregnancy it is important to eat well, make sure your diet includes around 5 to 6 balanced meals on a regular basis.

Healthy Pregnancy and vitamins

2. For a safe and healthy pregnancy, meet physicians on time and share all your problems and concerns with them. Often during pregnancy prenatal vitamin a day is directed by midwife or obstetrician.

3. Drink plenty of fluid is crucial when you are pregnant. Make sure you drink around eight to ten glasses a day. Try to avoid drinking of any artificial colored drinks, caffeine or alcohol.

10 simple tips for healthy pregnancy

4. During pregnancy don’t continue your bad habits (if any) like drinking alcohol, smoking or any other drugs. This can complicate things for you as well as a newborn baby.

5. Regular exercise is quite important when you are pregnant. Stay calm and workout on a regular basis. Experts believe regular exercise can help you to reduce stress, and it is something that should be done on regular basis.

10 tips for healthy pregnancy

6. Ensure you walk around fifteen to twenty minutes on a daily basis at a slow pace. Try to walk in shade areas, cool or indoors to avoid overheating.

7. During pregnancy, it is important to ensure a minimum of eight to nine hours of sleep. If you have any disturbances, take naps during day and visit experts for advice now and then.

swollen feet 10 simple tips for healthy pregnancy

8. Always ensure wearing no restricting and comfortable shoes. Put your feet up a number of times a day to prevent any cases of swelling and fatigue of legs, feet or ankles.

9. There may be cases when you are taking other medications or following some herbal remedies for different health problems. Make sure you consult midwife or obstetrician before taking these medications or treatments. Few drugs are known to have harmful side effects which can complicate things during pregnancy, so try to avoid such medications.

safety belt 10 tips for a healthy pregnancy

10. Whenever you are riding a car, make sure you are wearing safety belt. Doctors suggest proper care and following of some important safety norms when traveling. Try to avoid adventures or terrible journeys; often it puts pressure on your baby bump leading to different complexities during delivery. Moreover, use all precautions when you are traveling in motorcycle or car to avoid any accidental situations.

During pregnancy try to educate yourself about the whole process. It may not be your first baby still attending childbirth classes or sessions can make you feel more prepared for the entire process. It is a good time to brush family medical history. Talk to your health expert about all pregnancy related problems or any family birth defects of your family in the past.

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