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10 Facts About Asthma You Should Know


WHO (World Health Organization)  estimates show that there are 235 million people affected by Asthma. The number of Americans with Asthma is increasing rapidly, at present, there are 26 million Americans, of the 26 million, 18.9 million are adults and 7.1 million are children. It is higher in females than in males. These are some chilling facts about Asthma.

What is Asthma?

what is Asthma
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It’s a condition in which a person’s airways (breathing passage) becomes swells and becomes narrow and inflamed. The inflamed airways produce extra mucus often resulting in the blockage of airways making breathing a difficult task.

How is the disease triggered?

Asthma triggers
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The disease is triggered by exposure to allergens such as pollens, animal hairs or dander, dust mites , irritants in the air such as smoke, smog, dust, chemical fumes and strong smells. Even extremely strong weather conditions, extreme exercises or a weakened immune system (due to an illness) can make you susceptible.

What are the symptoms of Asthma?

WHO (World Health Organization) estimates show that there are 235 million people affected by Asthma.
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The usual symptoms are:



Shortness of breath and

Tightness in the chest.

Facts about Asthma

It can be hereditary.

It’s not curable but is treatable.

It’s impartial and strikes people from all countries. However, over 80% of the death occurs in low and lower-middle income countries.

Symptoms can appear several times a day or a week. Sometimes, the attack comes when you are engaged in hard physical labor or at night.

Facts about Asthma
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Effective treatment of the illness is to inhale medicines through inhalers. The inhalers are usually a combination of preventer and reliever inhalers.

Preventers are long term medications taken daily to maintain control of the symptoms whereas reliever are quick action medication used to relieve the asthma attacks.

One of the most medication that is widely used is – inhaled corticosteroids, they are anti-inflammatory medications.  They are safe medications and are known to control the symptoms of the illness.

Asthma is the most chronic disease among kids.

It can attack anyone at any time.

It most often is undiagnosed and under treated which leads to restrictions in your day to day activities.

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