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10 Free Must Have Apps For Dog Lovers & Owner’s

free must have apps for dog lovers
Source: iHugPets

Both dogs and apps make life better for human beings. Dogs can be a mess, but when combined with the use of apps, everything becomes easier. Let us face it, as much as dogs are trouble; they are just fun to have them around us.Below is a guide of top 10 free must have apps for dog lovers that are available on either iTunes or googles play.

1. Clicker training

A method to train your dog through both negative and positive reinforcement. Clicker training method is said to be faster and better compared to using treats. Apart from playing special sounds like doorbells to encourage certain behaviors, it also has more detailed tutorials on how to train your dog.

2. Dog breeds and perfect Dog

free must have apps for dog lovers
Source: Business Insider

With approximately 340 registered dogs, it becomes difficult to know the suitable dog that can survive in your living situation. The dog breeds and the perfect dog gives you tutorials on the each breed thus a better understanding of the best breed to select.

3. P5 Dog Training apps from Purina Pro Plan

Purina P5 is essential especially when you want to get your dog in shape by learning basic obedience skills. The app enables you to choose from a variety of tutorials and helps you keep track of your progress. The most amazing thing with Purina P5 is that internet connection is not necessary.

4. MapMyDogWalks

free must have apps for dog lovers
Source: iTunes – Apple

This application is similar to MapMyRun app. You get to list the best dog walking routes that are around you, once you pick one, the app helps by keeping track of your progress. The app also gives a list of dog-friendly areas within your vicinity.

5. Paw Tracks

Paw Track allows you to be in check of all the activities of your dog. Keeping track of activities such as meals and bathroom runs may be tricky especially if you are dealing with many pets. Thus Paw Track allows you to be always updated.

6. Pet First Aid American Red Cross

free must have apps for dog lovers
Source: American Red Cross

Just like human beings, pets to have to be taken care of especially when it comes to health. The First Aid American Red Cross enables all dog breeders to get a tutorial on how to learn the signs and symptoms on the pets and how to take care of them when the need arises. The best thing is that the app allows you as a dog owner to get the emergency contacts of the nearest vet clinic.

7. Pet Coach

Good news to all beginners in having dogs as a pet. The pet coach app allows you to be in contact with licensed vets and trainers around the clock. The app allows you to get details on any advice or inquiry you may have.

8. DogVacay

free must have apps for dog lovers
Source: Quora

DogVacay is suitable especially when you are a constant traveler. If you wish, the dog sitters may take may take care of your dog from either their place or your place and can take your dog to the vet in your absence. The application allows daily photo updates.

9. Walk For A Dog

Just as people walk to raise funds for charitable events, this application tracks the distance you as a user runs and donates some amount to an animal organization you choose.

10. Rover

free must have apps for dog lovers
Source: Rover

The Rover app has a list of all the dog sitters around your area. It ensures the transactions between the dog owners and the sitters are safe and that the dogs are always in safe hands.

These are our 10 free must have apps for dog lovers. If you know of an app that you think a dog owner must have, please share it with us.

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