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facts about aishwarya rai

10 Fun Facts About Aishwarya Rai Bachchan; Diva Who Personifies Elegance

The name Aishwarya Rai Bachan evokes the imagery of Grace, dignity and sphinx like calmness especially when under fire. Considered to be one of the most beautiful woman alive on earth, she has remained grounded despite the fame and acclaim she has received across the world.  Aishwarya has traversed the world yet has retained and upheld the ethos and cultural values of her land with pride. This elegant lady celebrates her birthday today, on this day we bring you few unknown, fun facts about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

1 Aishwarya began her journey to the tinsel world through modeling. Her first modeling asignment was for camlin pencils, she was in IXth class then.

facts about aishwarya rai

2 When she was studying in Jai Hind, her English professor who was an amateur photographer took several shots of her. They were published in a fashion magazines. Hawk eyed advertising agencies recognised the potential in her and signed her up for commercials.

fun facts about Aishwarya Rai

3 Aishwarya popular Pepsi Ad with Aamir Khan was shot in a single night during the Mumbai riots.

fun facts about Aishwarya Rai

4 She made her debut in a tamil film called Iruvar, directed by Mani Ratnam. Aishwarya was paired opposite Mohan Lal.

fun facts about Aishwarya rai



5 Aishwarya has a tulip named after her at at the Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands.

fun facts about Aishwarya Rai

6 People’s Magazine, one of the international magazine listed Aishwarya as one of the 100 Most Beautiful People in the World in the May,8,2006 issue.

fun facts about aishwarya

7 Aishwarya Rai is only one of the two celebrities to have advertised both for Pepsi and Coca Cola.

interesting facts about Aishwarya

8 Aishwarya Rai is the first Indian actress to have a wax statue at London’s Madame Tussads Museum.

fun facts about aishwarya

9 She is affectionately called “Gullu”by her family.

fun facts about Aishwarya

10 Aishwarya Rai declined to be part of Troy, opposite Brad Pitt.

fun facts about aishwarya rai


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  1. Hello Mahe,
    Aishwarya rai is one of the most beautiful women in the world.She is a proud woman of india.She was honoured with miss world.She has acted in many bollywood movies.Her acting is very good.She is married to bollywood actor abhishek bacchan.
    She has a child named aradhya.She has received many awards for her best acting.
    I wish her to make more bollywood movies in the future and keep entertaining us.
    Thank you.
    Have a nice day.

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