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10 Impressive Food Carvings By Gaku That Turns The Work into Art

Gaku's Carvings

We have been taught never to dawdle with our food. No playing around, pushing the food around on our plate. But as the Japanese artist Gaku proves, Playing with your food is not such a bad thing.

The Japanese artist Gaku has taken the art of food carving to a whole new level. Unleashing his imagination and his wild creativity, he has turned the food carving into an art that mesmerizes you in its beauty.

Gaku, who debuted on the Instagram some 8 months ago practices the traditional art of “Mukimono”. The art became an extremely popular form of food presentation during 16th century in Japan. From there it spread to nearby Thailand. Mukimono flourishes as an important culinary ritual in both the countries even now.

1. A Rose Made out of Radish.

Food Carvings By Gaku


2. A Carrot Carving

Food Carvings By Gaku


3. An Apple Lantern

Food Carvings By Gaku


4.  A Tomato Chess board or Chequer Board

Food Carvings by Gaku


5. The Ferocious Banana Dragon.

Food Carvings by Gaku


6. The Super hero Baymax in Vegetable Version.

Food Carvings by Gaku


7. Is it a Peacock or a Hummingbird? – Your guess is as good as mine.

Food Carvings by Gaku


8. The Sturdy Radish Blooms Into Flowers & Designs.

Food Carvings by Gaku


9. The Latticed Aubergine/eggplant or Brinjal.

Food Carvings by Gaku


10. A Radish or Daikon Fish.

Food Carvings by Gaku

What do you think about the amazing food carvings by Gaku? Have you found any other better food carver’s? Share the deets..

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