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Menstruation pain and how to tackle these cramps naturally

10 Natural Remedies To Overcome Menstruation Pain

Before periods

Menstruation pain is something which becomes really difficult to tolerate. This pain is similar to a heart attack and it is something common which women face every month. This pain is just too unbearable and women feel quite irritated and agitated at times of menstruation pain.

During menstruation, the body releases a hormone called prostaglandin which causes the cramps in the uterus. The pain occurs in the lower abdomen due to the cramps. It also occurs in the lower back thighs and the cramps normally remain for about 3 days of periods. It is necessary to treat the pain by certain home remedies as pills are not suggested in all cases. Some of the reasons for pain are early puberty or heavy bleeding. Some of the natural remedies to overcome menstruation pain are listed as under:


Menstruation pain Ginger

One of the most effective ways to reduce the cramps during menstruation pain is by taking of ginger. The pain causing hormones are reduced while taking ginger and it does not have any kind of side effects to the body. The fatigue that women feel during periods are also reduced. Ginger can be boiled in water and then taken or it can also be taken with food.


Menstruation pain Heat

It has been proved that giving heat in the abdomen area also gives relief from the pain. The muscle contraction in the lower abdomen is reduced by use of heat. Hot water should be applied in the pain area with the help of hot water bag. A towel can be taken and then hot water can be applied in the area from time to time.

Fennel is good for the treatment of menstruation pain:

Menstruation pain fennel

The muscles in the uterus are relaxed by taking of fennel. The discomfort is reduced easily with the help of fennel. Fennel seeds are boiled in water and then heat on low-medium and then mix honey and take the tea for reduction of pain.

Drink water:

Menstruation pain Water

During period pains, it is important to keep the body hydrated and so women are required to drink water quite frequently. Caffeine , nicotine, etc. should be avoided during period pains. Coconut water, warm milk, etc. are also some of the best ways to reduce pain.

Milk and yogurt:

Menstruation pain milk and yoghurt

Calcium rich foods such as milk, yogurt, etc. should be taken when in menstruation pain. The serotonin present in banana helps to make a woman feel less irritated. Omega 3 fatty acids help to reduce the muscle cramps in the lower abdomen. Salty and fried foods should be avoided as much as possible. Chicken also contains the required energy required in the body during these times.


Menstruation pain yoga

Yoga is the purest form of exercise that can be practiced during menstruation. The pressure on the abdomen during yoga gives relief during difficult pains. The bow pose should be practiced. The fatigue and anxiety in a menstrual body are also relieved by performing bow yoga.

Parsley :

Menstruation pain Parsley

The apiol and myristicin present in parsley help to give relief during muscle cramps in period pains. The irregular cycles are also prevented with the intake of parsley. Parsley should be taken in a mug of boiling water and the solution should be taken by women.


Menstruation pain papaya

Papaya is quite rich in calcium, iron, etc. which are some of the nutrients which are needed in the body during period pains. Papaya should be taken in the diet before periods.


Menstruation pain cinnamon

Cinnamon has anti-oxidants in it which help to give relief during period pains. Cinnamon tea can be taken or cinnamon powder can be added with honey to warm water and then drank for about 2 times a day.


Menstruation pain and basil

Basil has certain pain killing hormones in it which helps to reduce the cramps. The caffeine acid helps to heal the pain. Basil leaves can be taken with boiling water or basil leaves can be extracted into juices and it can be taken easily.
These are some of the ways to help in reduction of menstrual pain.

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