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Boost Your Mood

10 Ways To Boost Your Mood Positively That Leaves You Cheerful For The Day

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed is so yesterday. These mood boosters will have you feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed before you can even say ‘good morning.’

mood boosters
mood boosters

Now’s the perfect time to get on that smoothie grind. While it may be decades before you reap the physical health rewards (i.e. not developing heart disease) of a plant-powered diet, there may be a more immediate psychological benefit. In an August 2016 study, researchers found that participants who ate more fruit and veggies were more likely to experience increased happiness, life satisfaction, and well-being soon after upping their produce intake. Not a fan of smoothies? Sneak fruit and veggies into other morning must-haves, such as omelets and oatmeal.

mood boosters do-something-nice-for-someone-else

Whether it’s texting a funny photo to a friend or making a healthy breakfast in bed for your significant other, random acts of kindness aren’t just pleasant for the recipients. In a September 2016 review of 21 studies, researchers found that people who helped others — even in small ways — experienced increased happiness themselves.

mood boosters smile


Forcing a smile is still better than no smile at all, according to a July 2012 study. Participants who smiled — either a “fake” smile that only involved the muscles around the mouth or a genuine “Duchenne” smile that involved the muscles surrounding both the mouth and eyes — experienced lower heart rate levels as they recovered from being exposed to something stressful (like putting their hands in ice water) than participants who didn’t smile. So give the good ol’ “grin and bear it” adage a try!

mood boosters turn-up-the-tunes

Speaking of notes, if you’re not already playing your favorite songs in the morning, (hip) hop to it! In an August 2015 review of studies, researchers found that music helped reduce pain and anxiety in post-op patients. And time after time (pun intended) similar studies have echoed those results. So crank up the volume and shoot right up to Cloud Nine.

mood boosters get-sweaty

Get sweaty.

It doesn’t matter if you go for a jog or take a spin class: Getting your heart pumping first thing in the morning not only jumpstarts your day and energy levels, it also means you’ve knocked ‘exercise’ off your to-do list — and it’s not even 9 a.m.! Score!

mood boosters hug-someone

Hug someone.

Even if that someone is named Fido! When it comes to the senses, touch is totally underrated. Something as simple as holding hands or hugging can not only lower your blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol (aka the “stress hormone”) levels, but also increase your oxytocin (aka the “cuddle hormone”) levels, according to Matt Hertenstein, PhD, experimental psychologist at DePauw University. So sneak in a hug before you take off for work and start your day on a better note.

mood boosters practice-yoga

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