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likeable people
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11 Habits of Ridiculously Likeable People That You Can Follow To Become Popular

You may have met N number of people throughout your life. Be it at your school, college or your work placeor where you stay. You sure have known someone who is just loved and adored by all. The ridiculously likeable type. Ever dreamt of being like them? Here are some of their secrets which make them so affable.


They are Sincere

Likeable people believe in themselves. They make choices that they are most comfortable to live with. By being true to themselves they are comfortable in their own skin. Their comfortableness in themselves comes across as sincerity and attract people to them.


They are good listener

Listening is more than just mere hearing and rephrasing what was told or asking good questions to follow up. Listening is being involved in the conversation. The listener should be able to cut off from the clutter and actually be able to understand the other person. A likeable person is someone who makes the opposite person feel he’s the most valuable person that they could be talking to at that moment. They make the other person feel special and loved.

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They are open to other’s ideas

Open mindedness makes you more likeable. One who is open minded is very approachable and interesting person. A likeable person is not only open to others but also tries to imbibe new ideas into his own to make a better idea. A person who comes across as one who can synergize well with others.


They learn from the failures rather than brood over it

Failures are part and parcel of life. How one deals with them shows if failures are actually a stepping stone or not. A likeable accepts his or her failures graciously and strives to learn from them and shares his learnings with others too.


They are appreciative

As the saying goes one can never praise too much. Every single person desires to be praised to be appreciated for who they are and what they do. Likeable person takes nothing for granted. They know how to make the other person feel appreciated.


likeable people
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They are humble

Likeable people are modest when it comes to taking the lime light. When given the spotlight they in turn ensure those who stood by them are credited too. They strive to share the accolades with everyone who has been a part of their journey.


They are consistent in the way they deal with others

Consistency in dealing with people regardless of circumstances helps others know what to expect from a person. Person who is calm and composed and handles the situation as best as possible is admired for his or her behavior. People like those who are dependable. Likeable people are always dependable by those around them.


They use positive body language

Keeping an open and positive body helps a person to be ridiculously likeable. It builds comrade and makes the person come across as a friendly and approachable.


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They smile

A smile is infectious. A smiling face lifts up the tempo of any conversation. It spreads happiness and likeable person always has that pleasant smile adorned on her face that just lights up the whole atmosphere.


They are passionate

Passionate people are always successful in all their endeavors. They face challenges head on because they are passionate for what they do.


They are positive

Positivity helps in seeing everything that happens in a positive light. The people who are genuinely likeable are those who can see the best in every situation.

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So now that you know the secret of being the most likeable person. Practice, practice and practice some more till it becomes your second nature!

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