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weight gain body type

4 Types Of Weight Gain & What It Says About Your Health

Types of weight gain and what it says about your health

weight gain body type
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Dieting and regular exercising don’t always burn fats of its own. There are items when it triggers other organs as well as glands to release hormones to burn fat. If regular workout and dieting are not leading to weight loss there are some underlying issues with it? Here are some important sources of weight gain:

1. Adrenal Type Body weight gain

Adrenal type weight gain
Source: Dr. Berg

Just above the kidneys, there are adrenal glands which are doing its job, known to fight and help you’re during any stress. There are times when adrenal gland is overstimulated, it may become unbalanced and hamper the whole functioning of human body. This change may include sleep-wake cycle causing all kind of problems like staying asleep or falling asleep.

Adrenal glands are known to release stress hormone named cortisol which causes weight gain in certain sections often around your bellies.

Some of the symptoms of adrenal gland disorder include round face or neck, upper body obesity, thinning legs and arms, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, bone or muscle weakness, depression, moodiness, and irritability.

2. Liver Type Body weight gain

liver type body weight gain
Source: Fit and Trim Medical

For a good well-being and health, proper functioning of the liver is necessary. When there is any malfunction in the human liver, it can cause weight gain mostly around the stomach area. Many often refer this problem as “pot belly.” There are and individual who are suffering from these problems all due to diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and many other complications.

The slow accumulation of all toxins in the liver leads to arthritis, skin problems, allergies and body odor.

Such kind of liver diseases can be genetic, or it may be caused because of different factors such as excessive alcohol intake or virus attack. If not treated in due time it can lead to a serious live problem or even damage liver altogether.

3. Thyroid Type Body weight gain

tyroid body type weight gain
Source: The Science Of Eating

Thyroid gland plays a significant role in ensuring how efficiently and the quickly human body uses energy. The thyroid gland is known to produce a hormone which helps in regulating the metabolism process. If there is some problem in thyroid gland individuals can notice sudden weight gain, no matter how strict diet or regular workout you carry out.

Apart from weight gain thyroid problem also causes sagging skin, unusual body temperature, hair loss and other various problems.

The problem with thyroid gland develops with time, and if not treated in due course it can cause serious consequences especially for women. There are common problems during pregnancy, menstrual cycle and much more complained quite often.

4. Ovary Type Body weight gain

ovary type body weight gain
Source: Fit and Trim Medical

Many individuals are facing a problem with ovaries, and it may indicate that there is hormonal imbalance. Early menstrual cycles, PMS or menopause, are first signs of this problem.

This kind of body problem may have cravings for dairy products or chocolate. Ovary malfunction can lead to night sweats, weight gain, hot flashes in the lower part of the body.

The problem with ovary may lead to ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer, premature ovarian failure and twisting of the ovary.

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