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5 Benefits of Vaccination Every Parents Should Know

Benefits of Vaccination

Vaccination is one of the best gifts you can give to your child as a parent. Vaccination prevents and protects children from harmful diseases.

Immunization is the driving force in meeting the Millennium Development Goals. In particular Goal Number 4 whose aim is, to reduce infant mortality. Currently, we are adopting the Sustainable Development Goal number 3,  which aims at promoting healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all  ages.

According to UNICEF, immunization prevents deaths of children under five years.

Universal vaccination administered to children include:

  •           Polio Vaccine
  •           BCG
    • Rotavirus
    • Measles
    • Whooping cough
    • Rubella Syndrome
    • benefits of Vaccination
  • What prevents Immunization?

    There are some reasons why children not able to be immunized. They include;

    • Culture
    • Conflict areas for example in Ukraine and Iraq countries
    • Ignorance
    • Religious cults

    Dangers of not vaccinating children

    1. Isolation. Your child faces a chance of exclusion to quarantine. If your child falls sick is exposed to the disease, there may be a need to isolate your child from others and family.

    Your child will have to miss school and other social events due to his sickness.

    1. Frequent Infections. According to current research, 5-8% children who are not vaccinated have a severe infection in their brain or bloodstream while those fully vaccinated the risk of infection is low as 0.001%.
    2. High Death Rates. Vaccinated preventable diseases reappear anytime and circulate worldwide. One outbreak causes alarm in a community.

    For instance, measles is contagious and spreads quickly to those who are not immunized. This causes early deaths in children under five years.

    You can never know when an outbreak will appear and how severe it will be with your child.

    4.Poor Physical Development. Children who are not vaccinated tend to lifelong development differences.

    Your child can get rubella syndrome which causes heart defects, delay in development and deafness. Immunization reduces the chances of exposure to diseases.

    1. Causes the spread of diseases. Non-vaccination gives room for the spread of preventable diseases in case of an outbreak.

    For example polio, small pox and whooping cough. All is needed is one infection for it to spread from one region to another.

    So, What Are The Benefits Of Immunization?

    • Benefits of Vaccination
    • Helps in eradicating communicable diseases
    • Helps protect those you love
        • Saves you money
        • Helps keep your children generation healthy and active
        • Vaccines are safe for use

        Vaccines have the power to save and transform lives.

      • Vaccines give a chance to your children to grow healthy and become great leaders. Vaccination is a risk but a worthwhile risk.

      • benefits of vaccination
        Shield of Evalach
      • Give your child a better and healthy life free of diseases.

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