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Top 5 Exercises To Lose Your Underarm Flab

These 5 Everyday Exercises Will Help lose Your Underarm Flab Within Weeks

Having a flabby underarm can be uncomfortable for most women.It makes wearing a bra uncomfortable and losing the fat under your arm by dieting will not help.
A woman wants a slim, toned arm while men want huge muscles.

How do you lose underarm flab?

Follow the following simple exercise and you will be confident to show off your arms in a few months.

1. Weightlifting

Lose Your Underarm Flab
Source: Building Muscle

You will need dumbells or look for anything that has a weight of one to 2 kilogrammes. Your weight lift should not be breakable because it may fall as you lift up.
Hold the weight above your head while your arms are straight. Lower the weight further behind your back as far as you can reach.
Repeat this move as you bring the weight back above your head.
Always take a rest of one minute as you do the exercise like 20 times. Change the size of the weight your lifting from week to week for a fabulous results.

2. Chair Dips

Lose Your Underarm Flab
Source: Pinterest

With the use of a chair or bed that is two feet higher from the floor. Make sure the chair is stable.
Let your back face away from the chair and place your hands on it while your body is three feet away from the chair.
While keeping your upper body straight, move three steps from the chair.
Crouch to the level of the chair while supporting yourself on the chair.Move up and down as you touch the floor with your buttocks.
Don’t sit down. Repeat the exercise for up to 20times. This exercise not only tones the arm but reduces fat in the whole body.

3. Push ups

Lose Your Underarm Flab
Source: PopSugar

Push ups is a perfect exercise for toning the arms. For a start, push-ups may seem difficult but balance on your hands and feet first and practise every day until your body adapts to the exercise.

4. Arm Circles

Stand with your feet apart and your arms extended to your sides. You can choose to carry weights or not.
Now, rotate your hands in a forward direction. Do this at least 50 times and then do the same while moving your hands in backwards movement 50 times.
The circle arm movement tones the triceps, biceps, shoulders and back muscles.

5. Opposite arm and leg lift

Go down on your fours with your knees placed below your hips. Your palms should be below your shoulders.
Now stretch your right leg backwards and your left arm forward while you balance on your left leg and right hand.
Be in that position for a few seconds then rest back on your fours and repeat the same exercise with your left leg and right arm.

Do this exercise 20 times on both sides. Opposite arm and leg lift is ideal for toning arms and strengthens the legs.

To lose underarm fat doing exercise is important. Working out needs you to be hard working at it. With proper exercise, healthy eating habits, and drinking plenty of water will give you perfect results.

Good luck with the workout.

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