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6 Reasons Why Delaying Sex is Good for Your Relationship

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Are you giving a second thought to step forward in your relationship? I would really appreciate your decision of being in charge of your hormones. Sex is something that needs surity before you go for it. A study says that delaying sex is good for your relationship as it makes your relationship more stable and satisfying in your upcoming days.

Here are 7 reasons why delaying sex is good for your relationship

1. To strengthen the bond between you

delaying sex is good for you
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One should absolutely wait for something good to occur. This wait may seem like an eternity to you. But in later on days, this will strengthen the bond between you and your partner. As you people go forward in your relationship you’ll understand that you are together to support each other, just not for the physical need which makes your relationship more special to you.

2. To make it genuine

Delaying Sex is Good for Your Relationship
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By the time you feel you are ready for sex, it should be genuine. Do not go for it for the sake of the trend. People are doing what they want, you don’t need to be a follower. Take the lead of your life and decide whether you want it or not. It will make you believe in yourself. Eventually, helping your relationship to be more compelling and genuine.

3. To get connected personally first

 Delaying Sex is Good for Your Relationship
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Having sex is something which needs surity to have trust on your partner. To be exact, your decision will make you understand your partner better in terms of his/her habits, likes, dislikes, personal strengths, weaknesses, and how to overcome all the problems which may occur between you people in future.

4. To be sure what you are up to

be sure
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Before you decide to delay the decision of having sex, you should be very clear in your mind about why you would like to wait. You might have to convince your partner about your the delay for it. But this is something that will help you to understand your partner better and the reason of why you people are together.

5. Self satisfaction

self satisfaction
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Making a decision is itself takes strength to do so. It will be self-satisfying for you to see yourself in a position where you can make a decision for your betterment. The feeling of self-confidence and independence will make you feel better.

6. To understand the difference between physical need & love

difference between physical need & love
Source: imantra e-magazine

It’s incomplete to make love when you are not being in love. Sometimes, it’s your hormones that do the talking. It’s better to be patient rather to regret later. So before you take a step forward in your relationship, ensure yourself that it is you who wants to do it.

A bonus reason on why delaying sex is good for your relationship: To enjoy the beauty of relation first and then you can level up. There’s much to explore in a relationship before you get connected physically. Explore your life together and live up a bit. Test each other’s patience and as it quoted by Aristotle that “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”. You’ll also feel rewarded at the end when the time come.

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