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Fair complexion

7 Natural Beauty Packs for a Fair Complexion & Blemish Free Skin

Fair complexion

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder says the wise old saying.Unfortunately, this wise saying gets lost in the dusty heat of the tropics where people especially, women run after “Fair complexion” and blemish free skin in their pursuit of perfect beauty. The cosmetic industries are unleashing new cream, face packs, sun screens each guaranteeing flawless white skin within a week or 30 days but what they refuse to speak about is the damage these harsh chemicals do to our skin.

Is there no way to lighten our skin without having to cough up huge sums or without damaging our skin?
– There is!

Nature has offered us numerous products which when used alone or in combination will give us the skin we dream of. They are easily available in your kitchen or in your garden, doesn’t make you a pauper yet give you a lighter complexion that is going to be the envy of your friends and neighbors. Not a bad deal at all, is it?

Eager to know about the bashful beauty products that have hidden themselves in your cupboard. Without any delay.. Lets bring them out into the spotlight!

1. The Duet of Lemon & Cucumber Juice

Fair complexion

Lemon and cucumber are common sight in Indian markets. Shahnaz Hussain, the doyen of beauty & wellness and the last word on beauty treatments suggests application of lemon juice,cucumber juice and milk in 2:2:1 ratio.
Take a clean cotton, dip it in the juice mix and apply gently on your face, neck and arms.

Leave it to dry (min 10 mins).

Wash off the mixed Juice using cold water.

Do this daily.

2.Yogurt & Turmeric Face Pack

In a bowl, take 2-4 spoons of yogurt (or as much needed).

Add 1/4 spoon of turmeric (a pinch if you have sensitive skin).

Mix it thoroughly to a smooth paste.

Apply it on your face and leave it to dry.

Wash off.

Besides being an effective tan remover, the turmeric and curd have anti-bacterial properties that cleanse the skin, removes blemishes leaving a lighter, softer and glowing skin.

Initially use it daily, later switch to twice or thrice a week.

3. The Sesame Seed Milk Wash

Fair Complexion
The Holistic Ingredient

Grind sesame seeds to a paste or powder.

Add little bit of water, Pass it through the sieve.

Use the collected clean liquid (which is white and looks like milk) to apply on your face and in sun burnt areas.

Regular Application of this wash will leave your skin noticeably fairer. (Also Read: The Healing Powers of Amazing Sesame Seed)

4. Gram flour Yogurt face scrub (For Oily Skin)

Have you observed prolonged usage of oily skin cleansers actually makes the skin more oil than it was before? This is because the chemicals in the cleansers remove the naturally occurring oil on your skin. To compensate your skin produces even more oil than before, leaving an extremely oil face in it wake. What’s the alternative?

Make a scrub/pack of gram flour, yogurt and turmeric.

Apply it on your face and body (Just before bathing or while bathing).

scrub off while bathing.

Use this scrub twice or thrice a week.

5.Orange Peel Fairness pack

Fair Complexion

Buy oranges in bulk when in season. Dry the orange peel in the sun and powder it. Whenever needed, Mix orange peel powder (Acc to your need) and raw milk.

Apply it on face and neck.

Leave to dry.

Wash off in lukewarm water.

If used daily, you can observe fair complexion within 15-20 days.

6. Honey & Papaya Face pack

Papaya is good skin lightener.It exfoliates and rejuvenates tired and dull skin.Honey provides the radiance, removes impurities, makes the skin soft and supple.

Take half cup of ripe papaya and one tablespoon of honey.

Add honey to the papaya and mash it to smooth paste (or until there are no large chunks).

Apply on face and neck.

Leave it for 20 minutes.

Wash it off in cool or lukewarm water.

Use this facepack twice or thrice a week.

7. Tomato Yogurt Pack

fair complexion pack
DIY Health Remedy

The tomato in the pack acts as a toner reducing oiliness and the “sourness” in the tomato caused by the presence of citric acid removes spots and pigmentation on the skin. The yogurt soothes the skin, destroys harmful bacteria and lightens the complexion.

This facepack removes acne.

Take an equal quantity of yogurt and tomato pulp or juice.

Mix until no lumps remain.

Leave on your face until they dry.

Wash it off with water.

Use this pack twice or thrice a week to see results.

These are our beauty hacks to get a fair complexion without shelling out huge sums or undergoing extensive beauty care treatment. Try it and share your experience with us.

If you have any beauty care tips of your own to acquire fair complexion, share it with us in the comment box.

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