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7 steps to attract the attention of social media

7 Ways To Attract The Attention Of Social Media & Grow Your Blog

 7 steps to attract the attention of social mediaBefore the advancements in technology, people received information via the mail, the phone or through face to face conversations. The methods were tedious work as one had to search for the emails, the phone numbers or spend time looking for that person. Today, technology has made work easier. The use of technology has led to the digital age where social media has become the platform channel for sending information. The use of social media is effective thus the need to distinguish yourself from the growing competition. The idea may be difficult but not impossible if you follow some of these simple steps. Follow these 7 steps to attract the attention of social media.

To attract the attention of social media you must know what the audience wants

attract the attention of social media
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Doing research on the most likely content that the audience wants is very important. Performing a psychological profile will be very effective as it will help you understand factors such as the humor of the audience, what they love watching, and their political views that will coach you when posting something. What the audience wants and what you think they want are two different concepts. Analyzing the content that has been the most popular reveals more of what the audience wants to see. You should be relevant to the readers.

Make sure it makes sense

attract the attention of social media

Readers want to read content that makes sense, not just words that have no meaning. You should be able to distinguish between quality and quantity. A brief article that makes sense is better than a long article that has no meaning. The more your articles make sense, the more people notice you on social media.

Don’t ignore the obvious

attract the attention of social media

There are some obvious factors to observe when posting content on social media. One of the factors is language. If you use a language you are not familiar with; you are bound to make mistakes and your reader may not understand your message and thus lose interest in your contents. The best thing to do is to get someone who gets that language to write up the content for you. Social media does not favor vulgar language. Avoid it to ensure you maintain your readers.

Be brief

attract the attention of social media
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Today, time is a very valuable asset. In whatever you do, you should ensure you are brief, and your work contains the basic points. Besides, pointing out key points only makes your work simple but very interesting when read.

Use images

attract the attention of social media
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A simple image is equivalent to a thousand words. An image will attract readers faster than words with a percentage of 94%. In business, putting a photo of your products increases the chances of a customer contacting you by 60%.

Use suggestive headlines and teases

attract the attention of social media

Evocative messages always trigger the public’s natural curiosity. Present the audience with a problem. Imply to the fact that by clicking the URL will tell them how to solve the problem, then wait for the interest to grow.

Think Mobile

 Attract The Attention Of Social Media
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Mobile phones have become the way to access the internet and social media. Therefore, if you are sharing an article via social media ensure that it will be viewed through the phone. Remember it is all about them and not you, therefore, don’t insult your readers sharing something that they cannot read.

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