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9 Tricks To Maximize The Tiny Bed Room Area & Decorate it

DIY BedroomThe can-I-just-stay-in-bed-today? mentality is more real than ever as we power through these last few weeks of winter. And when that serious case of blah hits, there’s no better time for a bedroom decor refresh. We know that updating a space you love — especially when it’s small — can be a tricky task. Luckily, we’ve got a few simple solutions that can make a world of difference in a closet-sized space.

From sneaky storage ideas to DIY furniture hacks, here are nine small-space tips that will have you waking up on the right side of the bed again.

DIY Bedroom tips

1. Use mirrors and art as storage. Tangled necklaces and barely balanced bracelet stacks need this nifty DIY. It repurposes your already-hanging mirror for a hidden jewelry stash that’ll free up a ton of space on your vanity. Talk about a decorating win-win. (via A Beautiful Mess)

DIY bedroom

2. Make trunk space. Finding items that serve a dual-purpose are everything when it comes to managing your tiny retreat, so this vintage trunk-turned-table is worth its weight in gold. It can store sheets and blankets — and serves as an ottoman at the foot of the bed. (via Glitter Guide)

DIY bedroom

3. DIY a hanging nightstand. Um, could this floating nightstand be any cooler!? We def don’t think so. It’ll free up major floor space while adding a touch of whimsy to your room. As you DIY, have fun playing around with materials that complement your space for a final product that’s just *so* YOU. (via The Weathered Fox)

DIY bedroom

4. Utilize corner space. When it comes to showcasing your favorite items, even the tightest crannies should be used. Make a cozy nook using free-floating shelving units, printed throw pillows, and a faux fur accent for a corner you’ll always be up for backing into. (via domino)

DIY bedroom

5. Decorate your radiator. When you don’t have a lot to work with, use what you’ve got. In this case, a typical eyesore (like a radiator) can be repurposed into a window seat with just a few basic elements (think: plush rug, pillows, and candles). If seating isn’t an option, reinvent it as a table by placing a big potted plant or a set of frames on top. (via Better Decorating Bible)

 nine small-space tips

6. Use wall sconces to save floor space. When floor space is already tight, we’ve got to get creative with our lighting. This DIY is a great, stylish way to bring brightness to your room, sans the lamp.  (via Sugar & Cloth)

 nine small-space tips

7. Install above-the-bed bookshelves. If your headboard isn’t ruling the space above your pillow, it’s a prime opportunity for shelving. Your bed will look a bit more majestic while giving those cute Etsy purchases a place to shine. (via micasa)

 nine small-space tips

8. Decorate with acrylic. Make your tiny space seem bigger with minimalist furniture that gives off a “barely there” vibe. The clear finish of acrylic pieces will keep your eyes off of bulky shelving units so your fave elements can take center stage. (via Driven by Decor)

 nine small-space tips

9. Build a dresser and desk combo. Thanks to these sleek dressers, a bedroom workspace can be a reality in a snap. Simply scoop up a set of the drawer chests, then set a piece of (sturdy) plywood between them for an instant workspace that doesn’t take away from clothing storage. Add an acrylic chair (per reasons above) to finish off the oh-so-chic ensemble. (via Blue Door Living)

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