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Bepannaah Episode 3: The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family!!


Wokay, the Sobti fan in me just could not resist in giving this title, Second when you do look at the setup – you realize that it is a dysfunctional family we are dealing with here but more on that later.

Joh toota hai woh kabhi nehi jurre ga.
Aaj toh iss ke chote chote hisse hue hain,
toota yeh najaane kab tha.

The episode begins with Aditya hurtling one wounding words after another at Zoya. The scene ends with Zoya giving a resounding slap to Aditya for his temerity to speak painful ‘Truth’. He is dragged away by his family while Zoya’s family rush to her support. and from this point on begins the display of the great Indian dysfunctional family.

We have the case of two father’s – One Aditya’s father and another Zoya’s while one father is more concerned about the image and the news affecting the status of his family another stand aloof yet feeling his daughters anguish intensely. Justice Hooda is all pragmatic, grounded almost ruthlessly so. He does not realize or simply does not care that his eldest son is shattering or that he needs a pillar to lean on. His main prerogative is ‘ damage limitation’. A wisp of sorrow does not cross his face when he sees his roiling son or when he comes to take the body of his supposedly favorite daughter-in-law. He is all about managing the presentation of the show. But do I hate him for it? No, for somewhere I can understand from where he is coming!! He is the patriarch, the head of the family, ambitious, aware of his own importance and the prestige linked to his name and family. He is a man who has power and authority at his disposal. He respects that P&A and takes measures to safeguard it. Right now Justice Hooda is a streetsmart’s man focused on minimizing the ensuing slander, the father has not surfaced yet….and YET, It is now the father is needed. Hooda Fails Aditya miserably!!


Zoya’s father – A man who believes in being the rock of the family, who at this moments does not seem to or is disinclined to be that rock to his daughter who is holding on to her belief with desperation. There is a slight disdain for the deceased son-in-law which comes through his demeanor. His words are abrasive and exacerbated the wounded Zoya when he actually ought to have been the salve to her wounds. But does that put him on par with Aditya’s father? A definite NO!! While Aditya’s father is calm, collected to the point of being cold blooded and is simply least bothered about Aditya’s emotions at the moment, Zoya’s father is moved by his daughter’s despair, his words though sounding callous and harsh is not from anger but is from pained love and helplessness in staving off the pain in his daughter’s life. Nevertheless, he is quite uncomprehending of the depth of his daughter’s feelings when he tells everyone to forget Yash and to move on in life as if Yash was just a line in a chapter than a whole chapter in Zoya’s book.

Der Aur Andher ki Silsila

Darkness hides! Darkness fools, Darkness makes you blind. In a way both Aditya and Zoya are in darkness.  The lynchpin or the torch is that twined hands of Yash and Pooja. Those hands will be the flicker of light as it takes them out of woods and onto illuminated path. But for that to happen, illusion has to dissipate, masks have to come off and truth should be acknowledged. But the acknowledgement of truth begins from oneself! Neither Zoya nor Aditya have accepted the truth!

In a symbolic move, Aditya crushes the spectacles of Yash – eyes are considered to be the reflection of soul. They reveal the truth hidden in the heart. They reveal the true nature of a human being.But that truth, the entire truth was barricaded from Zoya. Did she know her shohar? Probably, but did she know Yash Arora? I don’t think so. Mahi’s words, Yash’s actions, Zoya’s father’s reactions paint a different picture of Yash than the one Zoya holds. She has to break the spectacles to see the eyes – the eyes of truth. Since she is living in denial land, she stoutly refuses to look at the truth even when the illusion broke, it’s up to Aditya to coldly crush the specs to smithreens, refuse her any shelter and force her to look in the EYE!! Eyes of truth.

nafrat karta hun tumse par yeh pyaar beech main ajata hai

The swirling rage in Aditya has to cool for him to move on. He is floundering in darkness thinking it to be light. He is convinced his wife betrayed him but did she? Or was there something else? He approached the doors of God’s house seeking few minutes of sleep. But sleep comes to peaceful and contented not to wildly raging and hurting soul. The higher authority knows this simple truth. He sends Light to the dark universe of Aditya awakening him from his slumber. Unsurprisingly, Aditya sees the vision in white walking out. Not knowing it is Zoya, he follows in her path towards light, towards truth.

I am in a dilemma – Did Yash & Pooja betray their spouses or are there few more layers to peel? Zoya’s claim that she took the decision to marry Yash in front of God and guided by God’s presence would point to the fact that Yash could not have betrayed Zoya. At the same time, the fact that Yash had made it seem that Zoya was some kind of a control freak and spend thrift to his family makes it seem, he is not what Zoya thought him to be! Will Zoya be proved wrong or rights? or does the truth lie in between these two poles?


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