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Bepannaah Review: The Multi Colored Prism of TRUE Love

So it has been almost a month since Bepannaah started. I think it would not be an exaggeration to say Bepannah has succeeded in becoming the darling of online viewer within a short frame of time.  The major reasons would be the simmering chemistry between the lead pairs, strong supporting cast, brilliant acting by all, crackling dialogues and above all an amazing story-line.

Story line – A tale of two people cheated upon by their respective spouses, who struggle to move ahead. One lives in anger and bitterness, another lives in denial and wavering belief. It’s a story of how these shattered souls take a step forward and find a second chance in love or should one say where they discover their true love and soul mates.


Cheaters, We say? But are they, were they? This is the question I have been wrestling with since few days.

Bepannaah Review: A look back 


“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”
― Oscar Wilde


Although it has been unequivocally established that Pooja and Yash were in a place where they should not have been, holding hands like couples.. yet the question beggars ” Were they in an affair? or was it a reassuring hand hold during the dying moment?” The truth is never simple and is never one single stark truth. Depending on the circumstances and from the person’s point of view, a single truth can  vary.

Like I said I have been wrestling with few set of questions that poses as a hurdle in accepting the Pooja – Yash Affair.Bepannaah Review

My First hurdle is Zoya’s declaration at the altar wherein she says, ” My decision to marry Yash was after you showed me light. I got the courage to defy my parents, override their objection because of you. I know you’ll not let me down. Show me the way.”

Usually in the land of television, the word of God or even the words uttered in the presence of God is the ultimate truth and is always right. If Zoya took the decision to marry Yash in the presence of God, obviously the chances of Yash turning to other women reduces considerably.

But if Yash has not cheated, how will Zoya move ahead in life? Would not she opt to live in his memories until her death? So yash has to cheat yet he should not have cheated Zoya. (The First Conundrum)

My second hurdle was Aditya saying, ” Whenever I see her, the past events flash in front of my eyes. The things I want to forget just pops up. I get angry, bitter.” Plus ” I’ll not forget nor will I allow you to forget.”

Everything would be alright in Aditya’s world if Yash turns out to be the culprit. He can continue forever hating Zoya, taking potshots at her belief, ridiculing her naivety. Sure, it would keep him buzzed, bitter and hurting. But the theme is “second chance” “Finding love again..  For that to happen, the bitterness in Aditya’s heart has to go. How is that possible if Aditya continues to blame Yash? Unless it is proven that Yash is innocent and that he was not the person who was involved with Pooja? If that happens, Aditya is going to break down completely, his guilt would never allow him to live in peace nor the question of who really was in Pooja’s life.


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This brings me yet again to the church scene where light comes into Aditya’s life. He follows Zoya into the light.

The knowledge that Yash was not the culprit is going to send Aditya into tailspin. While he may feel relieved for a brief second, the nagging question of whether there was any man/ or who was the man in Pooja’s life is going to gnaw at him. While wallowing in the darkness, the illuminated path shown by Zoya is going to take him to the truth, to his freedom.

Now I come to the second conundrum – If Yash is not a cheater, then Zoya will choose to live all her life in his memories. But Zoya has to move on. How is that possible? It was at this point, I remembered few scenes of Wasim, Zoya’s Abu. The man who holds certain documents pertaining to Zoash. The man who said that one day your delusion is going to break and you are going to be all alone. Also Ammi saying, our daughter will come home.

While a dear friend of mine whose views I value remarked the “return to home” dialogue was metaphorical and not literal ( after few seconds of thinking over, I agree) ..  the operative word does remain “return home” . The first question I would ask is, Why would Zoya return home? to a home that she knows hates her Yash? Yash who never cheated her… But Zoya has to return home, her delusions has to be broken. Yash has to emerge as a cheat.

When I was thinking it over, I remembered something… Yash’s constant talk about money, his great reluctance to move Zoya to Mumbai. Wasim’s wry sardonic smile when speaking about Yash. When we say cheat  in marriage, we instantly think only of  extra marital affair. but one can cheat in other ways too. Emotional cheating, cheating on truth, cheating by omission and then there is financial cheating. What if Yash DID cheat Zoya but in the matters of finance.

Zoya who is blindly in love, who thinks Yash loved HER and fulfilled all her wishes is going to be devastated when she realizes that she was just a money cow to Yash. Yash might have cared for her but may have never loved her the way she thought he did. This discovery will prove all the more distressing if she were to realize that her Abu was safeguarding her all the while. She is going to “return home” when she understands that fact.

When we look at my Bepannaah review blue print now, Aditya has lost his reason to be angry at Zoya. Zoya has no excuses to cling on to Yash and his memories. What will keep them connected? by all accounts they should be going their way, right? If they did, it would be end of story but the endgame is Zoya and Aditya, so what keeps both in each other’s orbit?

Assuming that Pooja and Yash DID NOT Have an affair does not mean, there was no other man in her life or there was something happening in her life of which Aditya had no clue about. If we go by first assumption, that will bring in a third man (Is it Arjun?) . what if this man was responsible for Yash & Pooja’s fate either directly or indirectly?

The search for truth behind their death, the reason why Pooja sought Yash on that particular day will glue them together while ensuing circumstances fosters closeness and love between them.

This is my  Bepannaah review  of the week……… Share your views in the comment box..

P:S: Why was Arjun agitated while reading Pooja’s diary?

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