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Best Summer Foods For Glowing Skin & Good Health

Summer!! Especially Indian summer is an onslaught of blinding light and fiery heat that toasts our skin to withered leather.. Avoiding looking like a grilled and wilted prune is our primary preoccupation. We lather on Sun blocks, down gallons of soft drinks, which offers us few seconds of respite. But to withstand the summer heat, you need to strengthen your body from within as well as without.

Here are 10 best summer foods for good health and glowing skin.


Best Summer Foods for Glowing Skin

There’s nothing like the humble curd to beat the scorching heat of the summer out of the ball park. Curd wins hands down as one of the best summer food for its cooling properties. A bowl of curd can cool down your body considerably. They are rich in probiotics  – good bacterias that take care of our digestive system. Even the lactose intolerant can consume curd! Try to incorporate a bowl of curd into your diet for a mega strong immune body.


Best Summer Foods For Glowing Skin
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The king of fruits Mango makes its debut during summers. The delicious pulpy fruit is rich in Vitamin A and E. This helps in cleaning the clogged pores of the skin. Regular consumption of mango gives you a soft, glowing skin throughout the summer.


best summer foods for glowing skin
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Pineapple possesses great cooling and soothing properties. They contain bromelain which is known to sooth burns. They are also anti-inflammatory, which means pineapple can be used to bring down inflammations caused by sunstrokes.


Best summer foods for a glowing skin

A fistful of cherries a day, gives you a fresh looking skin all day! Cherries are source of anthocyanins and melatonin. Melatonin protects you from the harmful ultraviolet rays and aids in cell growth. Cherries helps in reducing the wrinkle lines. They are packed with antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties.

Our PH balance tend to go haywire during summers, cherries can prevent it and help you to maintain an ideal PH balance.

Dark Chocolate:

best summer foods for glowing skin
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What’s life without chocolates? White or dark, chocolates are our manna from heaven! Having said that, dark chocolates are good food for the skin during summers.

The dark chocolates are rich in nutrients. Not just that, they also protect our skin from the ultraviolet rays. (As if this was not enough for gulping down the chocolates), one more reason to add Dark chocolate into your summer food list is – They Help in keeping your skin supple and helps reduce the tanning actively. Dark chocolates contain anti ageing properties too.

NOTE: Remember, ONLY High quality dark chocolates posses all these magical properties! Do not expect low cost sugary chocolates to do all these miracles.


Best Summer foods for glowing skin

Watermelon are edible water. This summer fruit contain around 90% of water. That’s not just its USP, each morsel of this juicy fruit holds an appreciable amount  of vitamins A, B6 and C, lots of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids.

The juice of watermelon is loaded with good electrolytes. This can help prevent getting heat strokes.

Another added bonus of eating watermelon – They are fat free!! So eat as much as you like!!

 Citrus Fruits:

Best Summer foods for glowing skin

The Citrus family includes oranges, tangerines, lime, lemon, grapefruit and numerous hybrids. This range are mini dynamos since they are loaded with numerous beneficial properties. Citrus fruits have significant level of Vitamin C.  Our body especially skin requires abundant supply of vitamin C, citrus with its quota of Vit C fulfils these demands easily.

Citrus fruits increase the levels of collagen. They help in tissue repair.The antioxidant present in the fruits helps fight against the sunburn, prevent wrinkles. The free radicals actively fight against the blemishes and acne ( the scourge of youth)


best summer foods for glowing skin

The humble cucumber is the ideal food for summer. Cuke’s are 96% water!  Bored of  gulping down liquids, munch on cucumber to keep yourself hydrated. They are a great coolant. Cuke’s flush out accumulated toxins from our body.

The itching and burning sensation caused by sunburn can be reduced by applying chilled cucumber on the skin.

Make cucumber as part of your regular diet for a healthy, hydrated skin.


Call it a fruit or veggie, the undeniable fact remains that tomato is a powerhouse of nutrition! from cancer to skin, tomato helps each and every organ to maintain an optimum health. Vitamin C present in the tomatoes helps in fighting off the sagging skin, wrinkles, blemishes caused by exposure to pollution, smoke and sunlight.

The lycopene present in the tomatoes helps in collagen production. Consuming a concentrated tomato paste is good since such pastes are packed with lycopene.

Coconut water:

best summer foods

The ideal  go-to thirst quencher of summer is nature’s electrolyte drink – The coconut water. Popularly dubbed as ” Mother Nature’s Sports drink”, Coconut water prevents your muscles from cramping due to heat and humidity. Coconut water hydrates the skin and acts as a moisturizer (when ingested).

Coconut water contain cytokinins that can prevent premature ageing and wrinkle.

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