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Burmese Khao Suey recipe

Take inspiration from this Burmese Khao Suey recipe by Raheel Ahmad, executive chef, JW Marriott, Kolkata.


For the chicken marination
7 cloves – Garlic
1 tbsp – Ginger paste
1.5 pounds (700gm) – Boneless, skinless chicken
3-4 tbsp – Yogurt
Salt and pepper to taste

For the coconut curry
1 – Onion (small), finely chopped
3 tbsp – Gram flour (besan)
3 cups – Chicken broth
1 and ½ cup – Coconut milk
1 tbsp – Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp – Soy sauce
1 tsp – Tabasco
2 tbsp – Cilantro or coriander leaves, finely chopped

2 or 3 – Green chilies, finely chopped and soaked in 6 tbsp of vinegar
4or 5 tbsp – Finely chopped cilantro
1 – Onion (small), finely chopped
6 or 7 cloves – Garlic, chopped and fried
3 or 4 – Lemon wedges
Fried or boiled egg, optional

For the noodles
2 cloves – Garlic, cut in slices
½ head – Cabbage, finely sliced
1 tbsp – Vinegar
1 tbsp – Soy sauce
2 packets – Egg noodles, cooked till al dente according to packet’s instructions, drained and kept aside


For the curry:

* Cut the chicken into bite sized pieces. Marinate it with yogurt, ginger-garlic paste and salt and pepper, and leave for 2 hours.

* In a large pan, add some oil. Sauté the onions till translucent. Add the marinated chicken with the marination liquid.

* Cook on high flame till the chicken is no longer pink on the outside and then reduce the heat to medium low and cook covered for 10 minutes.

* Meanwhile, in a non-stick saucepan, dry roast 3 tbsp of besan/gram flour on medium heat. Roast till it starts to smell. Remove from heat. Note, it shouldn’t be brown.

* Add 1 cup of chicken broth to the roasted besan/gram flour and whisk it in to avoid lumps.

* Add the coconut milk, and clean the can with the 2 cups of broth and add to the saucepan.

* Add in the Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and the soy sauce.

* Remove cover from chicken and sauté it till it’s dry and is light brown in colour.

* Add the coconut milk mix to the chicken. Once the mixture starts boiling let it simmer on low – covered for 15 min. Season with salt and pepper.

* Later add tabasco and green chilies kept in vinegar. And more Worcestershire sauce if required.

* If the curry is too thin, cook on high, uncovered, for a few minutes to thicken up a bit. Sprinkle some cilantro.

To serve:

* Lay down the garnishes- chopped cilantro, chopped onions, lemon wedges (optional), fried garlic, potato shoestrings (aloo bhujia), green chilies soaked in vinegar, boiled or fried egg.

* In a bowl, add the noodles. Top with the chicken coconut curry. Top with a little of each of the garnishes- but definitely the fried garlic, green chilies soaked in vinegar onions and potato shoe strings.

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