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Car Safety Tips For Pregnant Woman

car safety tips for pregnant woman
Source: BabyCentre

During your nine months of pregnancy, it is inevitable that you cannot  move around freely. But You may need groceries, visit friends, drop your kids to school or just go for a drive. driving especially could turn into tense experience, however, a proper car safety measures will ensure a stress-free drive or ride.

How safe are you?

Below are few car safety tips while driving to keep you and your unborn baby safe.

1. Ensure your feeling well.

Increased car accidents caused by pregnant women are due to fatigue, nausea, and lack of focus. Before leaving your home ensure your body is feeling well. If you’re not well, ask your spouse or friend to drive you.

2. Have no distraction.

car safety tips for pregnant woman
Source: Yahoo

Let your phone not distract you. Avoid eating, texting, grooming and changing the DVD. Avoid anything that will destruct you while driving.

3. Take frequent breaks.

As you drive, have short breaks to stretch and visit the washroom. By stretching you allow blood floor and your mind will be more alert.

4. Sit back away from the steering wheel.

Car Safety Tips For Pregnant Woman
Source: babycenter

Your breastbone should be 10 inches from the steering wheel. Ensure that you’re sitting position is comfortable.

5.Tilt the steering wheel.

Let the steering wheel be towards your breastbone than the abdomen. If an accident takes place, the airbag will not be deployed directly to your abdomen.

6. Put your seat belt on.

car safety tips for pregnant woman
Source: Stay on the Healthy Path

By law, every person should have a seat belt on while in a moving vehicle. As a mother to be, wear your seat belt with the lap portion placed under the abdomen, as low as possible on the hip and across the thighs. Ensure the straps are across your chest.

7. Use a lap shoulder belt.

At all times when driving put on the full lap shoulder belt.

8. Check the airbag switch.

car safety tips for pregnant woman
Source: YouTube

If your car has an airbag, check to see if it’s turned on.

9. Drive the standard Speed.

Always drive at a moderate and steady speed. Most women suffer from motion sickness; slow speed is the best.

10. Have a car Kit.

car safety tips for pregnant woman
Source: Pinterest

You will always feel thirsty, or hungry at some point as you drive. As you take breaks, you can have a snack. Carry a few drinks and healthy snacks in your car kit.

11. Wear the right shoes.

While driving, have comfortable flat shoes. High heels tend to slide off the pedals but, if you’re comfortable in heels go ahead and have them on.

What should you do in case of an accident?

In the event of accidents call your doctor immediately. Your doctor will examine you and your unborn child. When everything is okay, then you will be discharged. Even when you feel you’ve not hurt yourself, seek medical attention to rule out any injuries.

Always drive safely!

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