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Review of Kahaani2 : Kahaani with no twist

Review of Kahaani2

Kahaani2 : Kahaani with no twist Vidya-Arjun shine, film doesn’t. This is the kahaani where the story fails miserably due to a lopsided plot and predictable data points hence completely obliterating that one ‘suspense’ element which Kahaani of 2002 is remembered for. I guess, the climax or the surprise(if you …

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Review: Dear Zindagi How are you?

Dear Zindagi Review

Dear Zindagi Review Featuring Shahrukh Khan & Alia Bhatt How many of us have used a remote here? Eh, what a stupid question, hai na? We all are so used to rewind, pause, play and sometimes fast forward our favourite music and movie but what about our life? What will …

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