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These 5 Cravings Could Signal A Major Hidden Health Problem In You

There is a common belief among individuals that cravings are a result of some nutritional shortfalls; it’s a myth completely. Many people are known to have cravings for certain food, but does that always mean it is signaling to some health problem? Experts believe few cases support this point.

These 5 Craving Signal a health problem, if it is persistent, continuous.

Craving for Water


Some individuals complain about excessive thirst, something that is often related to signs of diabetes. This is entirely different from the craving after hitting the gym. When someone is suffering from diabetes, extra sugar is known to build up in blood. This forces human kidneys to work out hard to absorb or filter that sugar. There are times when kidneys fail to meet the demand, and extra sweet is diverted to urine. Frequent pee leaves you to feel thirsty quite often.

Craving for Salt

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Craving for salt is very rare, but according to research it was found that Americans are taking more than sufficient quantity of salts in their diets. An exception can be endurance athletes who are known to lose excessive salt by sweating out while exercising. For others, if you are craving for salt there is a definite sign of some health problems. Experts believe new craving for salt may lead to Addison’s disease. In this issue, adrenal glands fail to produce  sufficient hormone which helps to respond to stress. Addison disease can reduce blood pressure to a considerable amount. Make sure you visits a physician for suitable treatment to overcome the problem.

Craving for Ice

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Many individuals are known craving for ice something which is always related to the insufficient supply of iron in the human body. Experts do not carefully understand these cravings, but some studies show that it is mostly due to the cause of iron deficiency in the human body. According to a recent survey, it was found that continuous ice chewing helps to increase blood flow to the human brain which effectively combats the slowness caused because of iron deficiency. Whenever you are facing, such cravings make sure to visit professionals nearby.

Craving for Sugar

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Many individuals are known craving for sugar quite often. Some people are known to have chocolate cravings, and they are blamed for low-level magnesium. Experts believe there is no such valid point or proper researcher to support the idea. Studies are being conducted to understand this important aspect. There are numerous cases where individual crave for chocolates especially women. Better you visit a doctor to check if magnesium, levels are just perfect.

Craving for Oily Food

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When it comes to oily food, many foodies are often seen eating something or the other. There are no such health benefits of fatty food and with time it can lead to all kind of complexities. Experts believe for oily food may signal to calcium deficiency in the human body. Control on your oily food habits and better visit a professional to check calcium level in your body.



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