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Dear Zindagi Review

Review: Dear Zindagi How are you?

Dear Zindagi Review Featuring Shahrukh Khan & Alia Bhatt

Dear Zindagi ReviewHow many of us have used a remote here? Eh, what a stupid question, hai na? We all are so used to rewind, pause, play and sometimes fast forward our favourite music and movie but what about our life? What will it take us to just get some time off from our busy schedules of making money and seeking happiness, press the pause button for a while to reflect our past so that we can better our present and perhaps become lucky to make that delta difference in our future?

Dear Zindagi Review

Gauri Shinde’s latest offering is yet another slice of life film, this time her target audience is the millennial generation. The movie starts with the OMG! earth shattering issues our gen Y is facing today( and we have no clues whatsoever), the rat race to earn name and fame in ASAP mode, the love life where start to finish happens in EOD mode.

But then,this premise, though a little slow and at times, stretched (especially the songs) led to a thankfully, nice build-up when film moves its location to GOA and GOAT(sorry, a bit exaggeration) but Shah Rukh ke liye toh itna banta hai :D

Dear Zindagi Review


Ok, let me pause here for SRK(Dr. Jehangir Khan/Jag). He is just brilliant in the movie, you just see an actor. who has surrendered himself to the maker.Unlike her husband (R Balki and his shocker Shamitabh), Gauri never compromised the character over the superstar.

The subtle nuances, the superlative play-acting and emoting with intense eyes; Thank you Gauri for bringing the Shah Rukh I loved back to the screen. Jag’s wit and charm will make everyone crave for Jehangir in one’s life. Samundar se kabaddi khelne ke liye, right?

Dear Zindagi review

Alia(Kiara) is my go to actor in the current crop (am officially her fan now), her portrayal of a conflicting personality, gentle yet flawed, her emotions and expressions right on cue makes Dear Zindagi so relatable. Alia has a well crafted role and lots of little detail were put into her performance.

Dear Zindagi review

The dialogues in the film are the show-stealer. One feels, all the characters {whether its the friends, family ,Jag, Kiara or the 4 kursis(chairs)} each one of them are voicing your own words.You have heard it before! Deja vu!
The movie is definitely not the usual entertainment,masala film but gives you enough moments to ponder, memories to cherish and lots of takeaways to bring home to.

Dear Zindagi review

So folks,if you believe in *har tooti hui cheez jori ja sakti hai* and want to figure out the various pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of your own life, get an appointment with Jehangir and Kiara, today!

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