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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke : The Awakening Of Dev & Ishwari

Dev Sona Kuch rang pyar keA love that shattered, A love that protected, A love that realized – LOVE! four letters that encompasses the whole gamut of a man’s life or woman’s for that matter. Perhaps that’s the reason why it is revered and feared by its proponents as well as its opponents. But what is love if it does not meet opposition? what is love if it does not walk through the blazing inferno of doubts, insecurity and fear. The love of Dev and Sonakshi are undergoing the trial by fire.

Yesterday’s episode was not just about love that is facing its litmus test but it was also the rebirth of Dev Babu. For long he has been the blue-eyed boy of Ishwari, smilingly taking on the onerous responsibilities of his siblings, home and of his mother, for years he has devoted his life, his thoughts, his happiness, his self to the happiness of his mother. His world revolved around her, he neither had the inclination or the desire to seek out a companion or a friend for himself. It is into this self-contained world Sonakshi stepped in. A whiff of an elusive fragrance of  ‘love’ wafted into Dev’s life. A fragrance that was not overpowering, that refreshed his jaded soul, that strengthened his wobbly heart and this fragrance came without any preconditions attached! What would happen at such times happened to Dev as well – He fell irrevocably in love with the lady who ushered in the colors of happiness in his life, who kick-started his monotonous, robotic life but then….

Dev & Sonakshi split

What is love without the trial by fire?  The old love that was previously worshipped felt threatened, the mother who was used to being the centre of his universe felt insecure, she realized her position was in jeopardy and she reacted. Ishwari reacted not out of jealousy but out of fear and out of the deluded conviction that she knows the best for her son and that her darling son would not be happy with Sonakshi! She conveniently forgot that her son is grown up and capable of taking decisions, she forgot that she herself had wanted a partner and soulmate for her son. Driven by fear of losing her position in her son’s world, she projected her wishes and desires as her son’s. She refused to see what was staring at her and because of that the fragile love of Dev and Sonakshi met its first and fierce resistance.

The weak son succumbed at the first hurdle but the man in him could not accept defeat. When it became obvious that Sonakshi will be forever lost to him, the man, the young lover broke the restraints of the meek and obedient son. He confronted his emotions and honestly accepted that Sonakshi was and is an integral part of his life. But it was too late or was it?

The acceptance of the importance of Sonakshi happened in front of another most important woman on the planet – His mother! The very woman who was and is convinced that Sonakshi is not enough for her son, the very woman who has lost her ability to see the fact staring her in the face (because she simply doesn’t want to).

& this is where the journey of Dev and Sonakshi are poised? Will Dev’s outburst be a flash in the pan?? Will Ishwari reconcile to the fact that there is another woman in her son’s life or will she put up few more hurdles?

Sonakshi cries while leaving Dev

Two scenes I loved – one where While Ishwari and her brother are arguing about Dev’s life, Dev suddenly calls out to Sonakshi…and when Ishwari tries to cover Dev’s ears – a natural instinct of mother to protect her loved child from hearing bad/evil things but in this instance her motherly instinct is sadly askew.

Another when Sonakshi is walking outside and she trips. She looks down, pulls up her slippers. The strap has come away, without wasting a second she fixes it back and I am sure she will fix Dev’s life too and at the same time make the bond stronger between herself, Dev and Ishwari..

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