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DIY Frozen ice bucket using fruits and flowers

DIY Frozen Ice Bucket With Fruits & Flowers For That Special Occasion

DIY Frozen Ice Bucket For A Perfect Entertaining

DIY Frozen Ice Bucket With Fruits &

If there’s one thing you’ll know about me is that I‘m all about trying something different. Travel, food, craft – experimenting is what I love most. So when the guys at Le Petit Rosé invited me to to something DIY unique and visually striking for my next party, I couldn’t wait. You guys know how much I love a challenge! I racked my brain for a project that captured the essence of Australian Summer, with a touch of French Chic (as a nod to this French style wine). Finally, I decided it was time to put my hand to a frozen ice bucket – something I’ve wanted to do for some time. To be honest I thought it would be really tricky to do, but surprisingly it wasn’t, and worked out really well on our first attempt! Read on (and watch the video below) to see how we did it.

Materials Needed

DIY Frozen ice bucket with fruits and flowers

  • 2 plastic buckets that fit inside each other
  • Flowers, plants and leaves (we used eucalyptus, strawberries and blueberries)
  • Water
  • A freezer (that fits your buckets!)
  • Rocks


How To: 

1. Cut up your fruit and flowers.

DIY Frozen Ice Bucket with fruits and flowers


2. Pour an inch of water in the bottom of your larger bucket, and freeze for 4 hours (or until it is well set). This will be the base of your ice bucket.

DIY Frozen Ice Bucket With Fruits & Flowers


3. Remove the larger bucket from the freezer and put the smaller bucket inside on top of the frozen base. Weigh down the smaller bucket with rocks. Add all the fruits, flowers and leaves in the gap between the smaller and larger buckets. Press things like strawberries and flowers onto the inside of the larger bucket, so when it freezes you get some lamination and can see them clearly. Fill the gap with water. We didn’t cover the leaves completely as we liked the look of a rough edge at the top. Remember the water will expand when it freezes so leave some space for that too.

DIY Frozen Ice Bucket With Fruits & Flowers


4. Freeze for at least 24 hours. The longer the better. Remove from the freezer and use hot water to remove the buckets – pour some into the smaller bucket and lift it out, and then run some around the outside of the larger bucket to get that one off.

DIY Frozen Ice Bucket With Fruits & Flowers


To use, put your ice bucket on a plate or on top of a dishcloth to catch any melted water. We got around 5 hours out of ours before it started to melt too much, although it obviously depends on how hot it is.

DIY Frozen Ice Bucket With Fruits & Flowers

All done! What I love about this project is that it acts as a gorgeous centre piece but is also functional too – the perfect place for keeping your favourite drinks cool. Enjoy!

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