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Easy To Make Dessert For Diwali: Apple Halwa Recipe

Apple Halwa RecipeApple Halwa Recipe

Festival times can be hectic, one has to clean the house from top to bottom, keep everything sparkling clean but very importantly, you have to cook various, sweets, desserts, snacks  to serve the guests who visit on this auspicious occasion.

The idea of serving guests is fine but the problem arises with the menu. Every festival comes with its own set of sweet and snacks menu. for Ganesh Chaturthi, it would be Modaks everywhere, for Christmas it would be fruit/rum cake- what happens is, people sometimes get jaded eating the safe thing everywhere, so at forwomans.com, we decided to provide an alternative menu that is faster and tastier. One such recipe is Apple Halwa.

To Make Apple Halwa

Apple – 4 medium sized

Milk – 500 Ml

Fresh Cream – 100 ml (optional)

Condensed Milk- 2 tbl sp

Ghee/clarified butter – 2 tbl sp

Almonds – 12-15

Sugar – Acc to taste

Vanilla essence – 1/2 tsp


1. Heat the milk until it comes to boiling point.

2. While the milk is heating, peel the apple and grate it. Sliver the almonds too

3. Lets move back to the heating milk, Add the fresh cream and the condensed milk. stir until the fresh cream mixes.

Apple Halwa Recipe

4. In another pan, heat the ghee, fry the almonds and keep it aside.

5. In the same pan, add the grated apple. stir fry it for 3-5 mins until it changes color (softened) and is well coated with the ghee.

Apple Halwa Recipe

6. once the apple has changed the color. switch off the stove.

7.  Allow the milk to simmer until it reduces to 3/4th of its original quantity.

8.Add the apple to the milk mix. Add the fried almonds too. let the apple simmer for a while. ( it will leave water hence the milk has to be quite thick).

9. Check for sweetness, if it is  mildly sweet, add sugar . Add Vanilla essence and give it a stir. ( The milk will curdle, do no worry, it will enhance the flavor) BUT if you do not want milk curdled. You can stop the cooking here itself turning the dessert into Apple Kheer or you can boil the milk until it is completely thickened and then add the grated apple.

Apple Halwa Recipe

10. Cook the apple until the milk is reduced to half its quantity. cool ( the apple will continue to absorb the liquid as it cools. So make sure to allow some presence of liquid otherwise it will turn too thick).

11. Serve hot or cold with shaved almonds on top.

The beauty of this recipe is it is very adaptable. it has the ability to absorb all the flavors and yet yield a tasty delicious Apple halwa or kheer (as per your preference). This is ideal for beginners.

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