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Dengue fever

5 Natural Mosquitoes Repellent That Keeps The Dengue Causing Mosquitoes At Bay

Fight Dengue: Easy Ways to Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

Dengue fever natural mosquitoes repellentDengue fever is frightening the adults and kids alike these days. And with increased accumulation of garbage and lack of cleanliness, we are at a bigger risk of mosquitoes and their bites. While going chemical and using the products advertised on TV on a regular basis is widely considered unhealthy, here are a 5 Natural Mosquitoes Repellent to keep mosquitoes away from us and our homes:

⦁ Neem / Margosa

Dengue neem oil natural mosquitoes repellent
Source: sharein

Neem is antibacterial and antifungal, we all know it. Now it can be used to chase the mosquitoes as well.
Keep small cotton balls soaked in neem oil on all corners of your house. The smell of the neem keeps the mosquitoes away.

⦁ Camphor

natural mosquitoes repellent Dengue camphor natural mosquitoes repellent
Source: scribloo

⦁ Burn camphor in your rooms and keep them locked for 2 minutes.
⦁ Or leave a camphor or two in water in a small bowl, preferably clay-made, by your bedsides. The fragrance of the camphor doesn’t let many of the mosquitoes to survive.

⦁ Garlic

natural mosquitoes repellent Dengue stopped by Garlic
Source: ericbakker

Garlic is an effective insect repellent. Allicin, the major antimicrobial element in garlics, if found in high levels in your blood, mosquitoes keep away from you.
Keep the garlic buds near windows and open spaces and see the mosquitoes getting repelled.

⦁ Basil/Tulsi

natural mosquitoes repellent Dengue can be prevented by basil
Source: newsworldindia

Boil a few leaves of tulsi in water and drink it twice or thrice a week. This immensely helps in improving your immune system.

  • Lemon & Cloves

natural mosquitoes repellent Dengue mosquitoes repelled by lemon
Source: paolodafloresta

The buzzing blood suckers hate anything that is citrusy. They also have a malevolent hatred of cloves. Here is a quick way of getting rid of  the mosquitoes in a jiffy.

Cut a lemon in half.

Insert 15-20 cloves on the exposed part of the lemon.

Keep it around the house and have a pest free home.

Chikungunya is another dreaded fever caused by the same mosquitoe. Find out everything about Chikungunya here.

These are few natural ways to keep the Dengue causing mosquitoes at bay. Do share your tips and suggestions with us.


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