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Finalists Of Funny Animal photos in Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards?

The Comedy Wildlife Photography contest 2016 ended this month. The awards event not only focuses on funny animal photos but by virtue of these funny animal images it endeavors to prove that conservation of nature and protection of wildlife can have its sunny side too.

Founded by two passionate wildlife photographers who call themselves Paul & Tom, the event showcases the amazing brilliance, funkiness and downright ridiculousness of these sometimes majestic and sometimes clownish animals.

Take a look at some of our favorite funny animal photos.

funny animal photos


funny animal photos

The Minions of James Bond are actively spying on his enemies.

funny animal photos Polar Bear

Howdy! Ma is sleeping!

funny animal photos

Ah’m a Ninja Warrior


funny animal photos Hare

May the FORCE be with you!

funny animal photos

Romeo & Juliet

funny animal photos

Ohh My Gawwd!! You Don’t reaaallly mean IT!!!

funny animal photos

The Cool Snow Yoga

funny animal photos

Da Fingurrr!!

funny animal photos

Errr! Wat’s Up, Doc?

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