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Fire on The Sets Of Beyhadh; Kushal Tandon Turns Hero Saves Jennifer Winget

Fire On The Sets of Beyhadh; Jennifer, Kushal, Aneri Injured!!

Fire on the sets of beyhadh

The enormously popular Beyhadh is seeing some major drama in its current track. The wedding track of the protagonists Maya (Jennifer Winget)  &  Arjun (Kushal Tandon) has not seen a smooth ride, twists, shockers & jinxes have abounded aplenty.

Fire on the sets of beyhadh

Apparently, the jinx turned from reel to real! During the shooting of the wedding sequence, The mandap was supposed to catch fire illustrating the unholy alliance of Maya & Arjun but what happened was, the controlled fire burning the mandap caught on for real trapping Kushal Tandon and Jennifer Winget right in the middle of it.

Fire on the sets of beyhadh

Kushal quickly jumped across and away from the fire but Jennifer appeared to frozen to the spot. The crew which is supposed to swing into action during such emergencies was sadly found to be lacking. Kushal Tandon who quickly perceived the gravity of the situation, quickly rushed back into the flaming Mandap, literally lifted and carried Jennifer Winget to safety.

This is really a case of reel hero turning real HERO!! Kudos to Kushal Tandon for his unselfish gesture!

Watch the accident here:


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