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12 Foods woman should avoid At Any Cost For A Better Health

Health is wealth!  And to maintain that health, wise men, doctors, health magazines encourage us to eat but in the day of adulteration and instant foods, there are lots of foods that harm our health rather than providing the much-needed nutrition. We have compiled a list of foods woman should avoid  for a long, better life.

These are the 12 Foods woman Should avoid or use it sparingly

1. Swordfish

Swordfish is notoriously high in mercury, a potent neurotoxin that can damage developing children and even trigger heart attacks in adults. A woman who is pregnant or looking to become pregnant is commonly advised to make avoiding mercury a priority.

Source – thechefmother

2. Diet Soda

foods to avoid
Source: Dr. Mark Stengler

Woman should stay away from any diet soda or foods, sugar-free candies, and gum containing artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, acesulfame K, and neotame, among others. Even though diet soda lacks calories, it often facilitates caloric eating habits.

3. Artificial Sweeteners

foods woman should avoid
Source: PBS

Ironically, there’s a lot of evidence that suggests using artificial sweeteners, which have zero calories, is just as bad for your waistline as using regular, high-calorie sugar.

4. Butter-Flavored Microwave Popcorn

foods woman should avoid
Source: Vegan Magazine

Diacetyl, a chemical used in butter flavoring, is used in a lot of fake butter flavorings, despite the fact that the chemical is so harmful to factory workers that it’s known to cause an occupational disease called “popcorn lung,”. After news of the chemical got out to the popcorn-eating public, companies started replacing diacetyl with another additive—which can actually turn into diacetyl under certain conditions. Neither chemical is disclosed on microwave-popcorn bags because the exact formulations of flavorings are considered trade secrets.

5. White Chocolate

The right kind of chocolate serves not only as a sweet treat but a brain-boosting superfood, too. The problem is, white chocolate’s health profile is blank.

Source – Silversurfers

6. Sugar-free chewing gums

foods woman should avoid chewing gum
Source: Confectionery News

Sugar-free chewing gums contain chemicals that trick our bodies into believing they’re ingesting nutrition. When one chews gum the person’s mouth will water and with release of saliva makes our body feel its time to eat thus causing stomach bloating.

7. Fat-free yogurt

According to a study, women who eat lots of low-fat dairy products face an 85 percent higher risk of infertility than women who consume little or no low-fat dairy products. Artificially-flavored yogurts, which fall under the low-fat category, have menial nutritional value.

Source – obesitytips4u

8. Calcium-rich supplements

Foods woman should avoid calcium supplement
Source: Wikipedia

Calcium in some supplements is comprised of limestone, which does not get digested or used in the body like eating calcium from food sources. So have them in moderation and as prescribed by a doctor.

9. Frosting

That store-bought frosting from a tub might taste great on cakes and cookies, but it’s packed with sugar and trans fat. Trans fat raises bad cholesterol, lowers good cholesterol, and causes inflammation, which can lead to belly fat and diseases ranging from heart disease to diabetes. On top of that, tub frosting is also loaded with sugar, and high-sugar diets contribute to premature wrinkles.

Source – topsy

10. Bagels

foods woman should avoid
Source: Odyssey

Bagels have a massively high glycemic index, which increases insulin and leads to increased inflammation in the body, which is shown to possibly accelerate aging and worsen acne and rosacea.

11. Processed Baked Goods

foods woman should avoid processed baked food
Source: Med-Health

Pre-packaged mini muffins, doughnuts, and dessert cakes will add tons of calories and loads of unwanted sugar to your diet, plus they aren’t easy to digest. These foods are bad on so many levels, because they are filled with high sugar content and preservatives for a longer shelf-life — they can literally sit there forever. Sugar increases inflammation in the skin, which on top of irritating acne and rosacea, can make you look puffy and bloated.

12. Cereal

foods woman should avoid cereals
Source: Wikipedia

A bowl of cereal might sound like healthy breakfast, but it’ll wreak some havoc with its high amount of inflammation-causing sugar and gluten content. Gluten can worsen breakouts for people with sensitive skin leading to increased redness.

Just say No to everything that is harmful for you and lead a safe and healthy life.

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