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*NSFW* Giant Python Swallows a 25 Year Old Indonesian Man!!

It looks like a horror movie. As a villager slices open the belly of a python, a man’s body emerges, after it had been swallowed whole by the giant snake the day before.

Snake Swallows man
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The video of the episode emerged after a search party in the remote Indonesian village of Salubiro, on the island of Sulawesi, glimpsed the shape of shoes in the belly of the python. After chasing the snake and killing it, the Indonesians sliced open the python, revealing the body of the villager, whose name was Akbar.

A graphic video clip of men cutting up the python to retrieve the victim’s body was posted to YouTube.

Human-animal encounters are common in Indonesia, a tropical archipelago that contains Asia’s largest swath of rain forest. Environmentalists worry that such encounters will only increase because of the country’s rapid rate of rain forest destruction, which disrupts ecosystems and leads predators to seek new prey.

“As humans push further into wildlife, habitat conflict like this is more likely to occur as both humans and wildlife require space,” said Farwiza Farhan, the chairwoman of Forest, Nature and Environment of Aceh, an environmental organization.

Plantation workers like Mr. Akbar are often the most at risk.

The 25-year-old  Akbar, was reported missing Monday night after he didn’t return from work at his palm oil crops a day earlier.

No one noticed he was missing because his wife was visiting family. It wasn’t until an uncle came to visit, and found the home locked, that he realized something was wrong.

Junaedi, secretary of Salubiro village, said villagers came upon some of his palm oil fruit, some tools and a lone booth.

Then, he added, villagers saw the 23-foot reticulated python.

Snake Swallows man

“When its stomach was cut, we first saw his boot and legs near the neck,” he said. “It seems he was attacked from behind because we found a wound on his back.”

 Reticulated pythons — a breed native to south Asia — are known to use dozens of teeth to grab its prey, squeeze it to death and consume it whole.
Typically they don’t target humans — opting for monkeys and pigs.
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Graphic content ahead!!

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