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Guide to Getting The Perfect & Painless Piercing (Ear,Navel) For You

Piercings are a tradition that is found in many ancient traditions but in the past decade it has become a common practice, usually to mark a significant date or way to follow a custom or trend. Piercings are like tattoos, they are a unique way of expressing yourself to this world. Skin modification have always been a controversial subject, but they  are known to have benefits to the body but mostly piercings are done for aesthetical appeal.

painless & perfect piercings

Piercings can be done in any part of your body but only some hold significance or have been popular. Nowadays getting a piercing is quite easy, you can get one at a tattoo and piercing parlor or you can get one at home but that is not recommended if you don’t have the right qualifications.

So here I am going to inform you of the various types of piercings, popular trends and aftercare. This will be your guide to perfect & Painless piercings

Types of Piercings

There are many types of piercings that can be done in different parts of the body based on your taste. Some of the most common spots in the body are

  • Face: Nose, tongue, lips, eyebrows and ears are some of the commonly pierced spots in the body. Most commonly rings and studs are used for these piercings but nowadays barbells and many other unique piercing accessories are available. Out of all these piercings ears (unless cartilage is touched) and nose hurt the least.
  • perfect & Painless piercing
  • Body: There are many areas in our body that we can get pierced in but the most common are nipples, navel, and genitals (clit for women and head of the penis for men). Mostly barbells are used in these piercings and these piercings are quite painful and take a lot of time to heal.

Popular types of piercings

Industrial :

perfect & Painless piercing
Source: bodypiercingmag

In these types of piercings, any two holes connected with a single piece of straight jewelry and the most common spot for them is upper ear cartilage.



Perfect & Painless Piercings
Source: loveitsomuch

This is a very common type of piercing that is relatively not painful. These piercings can be done anywhere from the lobe to the outer shell of the ear, many get multiple piercings of this kind. Many use rings for these piercings but studs and many other unique types of accessories have come into trend.

Navel  :

Perfect & Painless Piercings
Source: .piercingmodels.com

This is one of the most common and sexiest piercings found in women. The accessories for a navel piercing can range from studs to hangings, I personally prefer hangings.



piercings labret piercing

This is a piercing that is done in the center of the lower lip and it is quite in trend now. A ring is usually used for this piercing.


Nose :

piercings nose piercing
Source: Nose Rings Guide

Pricking the nostrils are quite common but now the trend is for septum (barrier between the two nostrils) piercings. A tiny stud or a simple ring is perfect for this piercing.

Like fashion, trends change every day so do the piercings there are many more styles out there for you to try.


Piercing aftercare Will Ensure a Perfect & Painless Piercings on The Skin

The cut skin must be always be kept clean and dry or they may get infected. You can always use a saline solution to keep the piercing clean. Usually, the wound is to be soaked in the saline solution if you can’t do so just dip cotton or tissue in the solution and clean the drilled spot  with it. Always get piercings done at a well-reputed place by someone experienced so your experience is a good one and that he/ she can explain to you the perfect aftercare after the deed is done.  If you find any signs of infection go immediately to the doctor.


If you find any signs of infection go immediately to the doctor.


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