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IPKKND dussera promo

IPKKND Dussera Promo: The Goodness Within The Evil

IPKKND Dussera Promo: The Resurrection Of Good

This by far has been one of the best and layered promo coming out of the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon franchise.  A naive, innocent girl guided, cold bloodedly and skillfully towards danger by a handsome stranger & when the girl becomes aware of the danger, the handsome guy who initially nudged her towards the path  of peril, rushes in and saves her!!  – Is this what it’s all about?  I daresay, NO!

Let’s begin our dissection of the Dussera Promo

ipkknd dussera promo

Dualism!! A state of existence of two opposing forces  such as light and dark, Summer and winter, yin & yang, good and evil .. They exist, they balance, they neutralize each other’s potency , thus they are in constant state of warfare, always trying to gain ascendancy, Man is not exception to this rule, within him too exists an enormous reservoir to do good or evil – sometimes one force has gained strength and sometimes another. Advay  – A man who has become the battleground on which a war is being fought!!  A war between goodness and evil. (Also Read: Mandir Promo – Love Shines Through Darkness)

Advay is a man focused, determined to extract his pound of flesh for the wounds  that he sustained, for the wounds that is festering in his soul. His howl of anguish needs to be heard and assuaged but for that to happen the fires of rage that is consuming him  has to be extinguished.  But that fire can be doused only when it feeds on the soothing ocean of love, thus exhausting itself and quenching its  thirst for revenge.

IPKKND Dussera Promo

Advay is one such fire, intent on finding his victim. He is unaware of the fact that his intended victim is a pillar of strength, who can absorb his rage and still be serene as the surface as a lake. Advay who has grown up on the diet of hate perceives his victim Chandni as the target to be vanquished.

What about Chandni? Is she the woman who erased all happiness in the tapestry of Advay’s life or is she the proxy ? Chandni, the girl who found shelter beneath the towering statue of Ravan. Her eyes and whole self turned towards the majestic statue. Chandni becomes aware of the intruder when a warm voice says, “Beautiful”. She turns, her focus and attention on Ravan broken by the honeyed voice of the stranger. She is spellbound by the smiling face that is lit up in admiration of her beauty. Like a puppet, she dances to the tune of Advay’s music, oblivious of the fact that her momentary lapse of concentration has led to the destruction of the Ravan, beneath which she was  standing.  Sensing danger, Chandni turns and is frozen in shock as the statue is engulfed in fire. The statue does not succumb to the hungry, licking flames so easily, it shoots  arrows of flames, embers and Chandni is in its path! Will this end the existence of Chandni? No, in rushes the dashing dude, who carries out of danger zone?

War Declared!!

IPKKND Dussera Promo

The scene from the Immolation (of Ravan) to the point where Advay carries Chandni to safety remains one of my favorite moment!.  Advay is on a crusade to eliminate the source of his unhappiness. The source against whom he has pitted his wits, life are no innocent folks, they are powerful like Ravan – a force to be reckoned with! They are not going to go down submissively. Chandni, who lives among them yet stands apart from them is the victim of the crossfire. Chandni has been the fortress that has been protecting the fiefdom of these inimical forces. Advay deftly turns her attention away from Ravan , exploiting that lapse in attention, Advay launches his attack – RAVAN BURNS!!

ipkknd dussera promo

It was interesting to note that Chandni stood in the middle, she neither moved closer to Ravan nor did she walk towards Advay. It was Advay who moved towards Chandni. In the upcoming war, this will be Chandni’s position, a fortress that has been trained to do its duty (of protection) yet watching dispassionately the play of good and evil as she waits for the outcome of this war. She is going to be the observer who will absorb the raging fires of hatred from both side yet remain unsinged by it. She is going to be the key to Advay’s happiness.. the key that Advay must seek out himself, for the key will not come to him.

Camera… Lens – the beauty of camera is , it captures what is, as is. It is left to the viewer to interpret the scene using his years of experience, his perceptions.  The lens of the camera captures the moment devoid of any emotions, it is the viewers who applies his emotions on it. So did Advay, he applied the emotion of hate on a picture he had seen years ago, his perception clouded by memories of sorrow, of bitterness.

ipkknd Dussera Promo

Samay ek jaisa nahi rahta!! when the young boy who saw the picture through the prism of hate, revisits the picture again as a young man, with the insights of the young man who has lived for few years. His perception is going to change, the picture will be the same because camera never lies but the conclusion drawn will be different. His clear vision will discover the truth. The coils of hatred that prevented him from living will shatter, that will be the moment when the Ravan in Advay burns to ashes, that will be the moment when emotions surges up, reconnecting him to life. That will be the moment when Advay seeks Chandni, Chandni who has been waiting patiently!

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