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IPKKND Promo : Advay Singh Raizada – Time Kills Then Heals!

IPKKND PROMO REVIEW: Advay Singh Raizada – The Man Killed By Time


TIME!! So restless, So patient, So quick, So slow. Time, an illusion. Time, the destroyer, Time the healer. Time the monster who tormented you, Time the warrior who protected you. Time is all powerful yet ephemeral. Time is the mentor, a guide, friend and an enemy. Time is present with you right from the moment of your birthunder various disguises. None escapes time. Time is truth! Time is certainty.

What happens when time plays with you? Here is Advay Singh Raizada, a victim of time, a mourner of the era gone by with nothing to look forward to at the moment. A lost wanderer trapped by past ( Time in another form), his path takes him back to the path he had traveled before. Advay comes back to the place where he lost himself.

How the place has changed? The home that echoed with the delirious and happy laughter of the children is eerily quiet, motes of dust swirl lazily in air before coming to rest on the furniture’s lying askew. The house built on the foundation of love and trust is reduced to its skeletal remains.



The rusty door creaks open slowly, languorously almost surprised for none had entered this abandoned place. A wraith like silhouette manifests itself, a ghost from the present, unsure, the silhouette pauses before stepping forward into the past, unknowing that he is not STEPPING BACK because the Past resided within himself, its claws firmly entrenched in his present preventing him from living his future. Time has taken away his essence of life, essentially killing him off, living a mere framework of bones and veins. Advay, a man who has ceased to live, Advay whose life has come to a standstill. (Also Read: Rabba Ve: Fallen Angel)

Advay decides! He steps into the past, the past which took away everything he held dear. Memory assails him as his progression into past begins. He moves deeper and deeper into the past, His eyes of the present scrutinizing the events of the past, finding it tough to assimilate the now with the then.



Advay whose sombre, funereal dress reflects the bleak, black world he dwells in every second, every moment of his life. He is a man writhing in the coils of time as time tests him coldly, mercilessly. It appears, Advay has succumbed under the relentless onslaught of time yet  a single piece of color adorning the black dress shows this man has not given up completely, there is still a sliver of hope remaining within him, reminding him about spring, reminding him about light, reminding him about life. He remembers the voice of past, tutoring him about the ceaseless march of time. Time never stays still, Time is unflagging. Time brings the bad with the good and good with the bad, it’s upto the man to exercise his option. He can wallow in the abyss of despair or he can choose to fly escaping the mesh thrown out by Time. Advay chooses!! Advay draws the curtains, letting the light in, in to the murky past allowing him to see everything through the eye of an adult, into his soul, to clear the cobwebs that kept him tied to his grief, into his life, to incinerate the beasts whose talons were tearing the fabric of his life.


Advay takes the first step in weakening the hold of the past. He removes the photo that has been carefully preserved just like the relics of his grief. Advay lights the photo, the ever hungry fire sends flames of delight as it dances gleefully, licking & devouring the photo and along with it the hopeless despair of Advay. Advay is man possessed by rage, an anger. Advay has burnt his relic from the past but Time will not release its prisoner so easily, it will test Advay and anger is the shield that will save him, lead him to the truth, to realization.  The path to truth, happiness is not going to be easy, Advay is going to fumble, to stumble , get bruised, broken. Time is not going to sit resting on its infinity couch, allowing a smooth ride to its chosen prey, there will be accusation, hate, anger, fear, agony of betrayal – Advay will be tested every step of the way, only when Advay overcomes the lures of time – will time kill the beasts of past, will pave the way for the entry of serenity, of calm, of happiness, of love into his tortured life.

Beneath the shrouds of Ilzaam, Imtihaan ..Love has always waited in intezar. Advay has taken the first step towards that love.



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