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IPKKND Mandir Promo Review

IPKKND Mandir Promo Review : When Death Met Love in The Temple!

IPPKND Mandir Promo Review: Love Shines Through Darkness


tryambakaṃ yajāmahe sugandhiṃ puṣṭivardhanam

urvārukamiva bandhanānmṛtyormukṣīya mā’mṛtāt

IPKKND Mandir Promo Review

The predawn hours when the powers of darkness and the light is at the weakest. The hour when neither the darkness has receded nor has the light ascended becomes confluence point of two forces  – Love & Death!!

IPKKND Mandir Promo


The Promo opened with the sonorous chant of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra drifting serenely in the air. Temple illuminated by the prayers of believers. Inside this temple resides love, acceptance in the form of supreme deity. In His shelter  shines the serene light Chandni. Chandni whose complete attention is towards her Lord. Her entire being is turned towards Lord Shiva, She is unaware of the existence of the outside. She is inside the temple of love, surrounded by the glow of love, content in her present state,  oblivious of the creeping darkness!

Advay, a man damned! A shell who has lost his soul, A body that has lost feelings – In short a dead man walking. He is alive by the sheer fire of hatred, of rage.  His cold demeanor is like the bluest tip of fire – fierce , immolating everything that comes its way. Advay has come seeking  Chandni. Death/ Darkness has come in search of serene love.

How can darkness triumph over love?  Love is sublime and all powerful. Love is universe, Universe is love.  Love cannot be forced, one has to surrender to love or pray love comes voluntarily. But there is another way of getting love, that’s by creating a subterfuge or an illusion, (Never mind the illusions don’t last). As long as illusion stays, Love resides. Love is innocent, love is naive but Love is not a fool!! Never underestimate the power of Love, Advay!!

IPKKND Mandir Promo Review

Well, coming back to the promo, Advay who comes from the darkened corners remains in the dark, never getting closer to light. His implacable mask in place, his eyes riveted on the profile of Chandini. He makes his move. Into the world of serenity, love and tranquility, he introduces the fire of fear!

Chandini who has lived her life secure in her shell, is thrown headlong into turbulence. Awaiting her is the white knight ( or so she thinks) who rescues her from the fire he himself lit. Advay takes her AWAY from the light, from the world she has known all her life. He takes Chandini AWAY from the warmth of love in which she has basked all her life. Advay takes Chandini towards HIS world of darkness, towards destruction. In his powerful world, Advay plans on enslaving the light, of destroying the spirit of love but little does he know that the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra shall shield Chandini’s spirit from his wrath, be the Armour that will protect Chandini’s Soul from Advay’s onslaught.

IPKKND Promo Review

Advay has taken Chandini away from light, oblivious of the fact that the darkness he entered with, has gradually transformed into day. A time when demons retreat & Good prevail. He thinks he is on the road to victory, little does he know that day/light has allowed  the entry of darkness in the form of shadow.. Chandini the light will & Shall shine through the darkness of Advay’s world, Gradually bringing light, tranquility & the much needed peace into his world, the process will destroy Advay yet he shall not die for love never dies!

What about Chandini? A girl who has surrendered herself to light, A girl who has become frozen in time. The darkness birthed the world & into this darkness walks Chandini to be reborn as a woman who has seen the pain, despair, rage and still loved inspite of it. Through this woman shall the fires of destruction be sublimated into the calm flames lighting up the lamps of God. (Also Read: IPKKND Promo Review: Time Kills Then Heals)

The darkness that had crept into the temple of love to destroy shall return but as the embodiment of love.

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  1. Which version of maha mrityunjay mantra is this? I really loved it.. please send me the link or the name of the singer?

    • We don’t know but are guessing that it might be part of the show’s album itself. If we find any information regarding the chant, we will inform you.

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