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Ishqbaaz: Veer Drugs Shivaaay, Omkara, Rudra

It appears to be an action packed week in #Ishqbaaz Land. #Anika who has gained the trust of Veer after completing is entrusted with another task slated to bring about grievous injury to #ShivOmRu. While Soumya Plots to derail Rudra and Bhavya’s wedding – What happens? Will Veer Succeed in his mission to injure #Obros…Read on..

The Oberoi family is getting ready for RuVya’s sangeet ceremony. There is a happy atmosphere in the Oberoi Mansion. Jhanvi enquires about the Gruhashanti (peaceful Home) pooja, Gauri replies that Anika has taken care of all details. Jhanvi gets annoyed at the fact that it WAS Anika who prepared everything for the puja. Jhanvi tells Gauri not to involve Anika in the puja Preparation. Anika Gets hurt hearing Jhanvi’s bitter words.

Shivaay notices Anika’s downcast face. He asks for the reason, Anika does not hide anything fromShivaay. She tells him that Jhanvi has not forgiven them and still harbours anger towards them. Shivaat consoles Anika, reminds her about her Rosy Rani role. Anika turns into Kumari Rosy Rani while Shivaay moves to greet the guests arriving for the Sangeet ceremony.

The ShivOmRu Band along with their partners get ready for serious entertainment. Veer signs for Anika. He hands her a screwdriver and tells her to loosen the screws of RuVya poster hanging overhead of ShivOmRu. With great misgivings Anika completes the task. The poster falls on the dancing brothers. All are shocked to see the huge poster hitting and burying the younger Oberoi’s underneath it.

There is a pause as the onlookers are stunned by the accident. veer gloats. Anika gets worried when she doesn’t see anyone coming out. Soon there is a tearing sound and the heroes of Ishqbaaz emerge triumphantly. Gauri, Anika, Bhavya hug ShivOmRu.

Flashback shows Shivaay instructing one of the workers to have a non-injurious, tear-able poster. Shivaay asks Anika to find the real motive of Veer.

Soumya who has vowed to break RuVya’s marriage and be the bride of Rudra herself is speaking to Veer. Veer reveals he was merely testing Anika and her commitment to the destruction of Oberoi’s.  Anika who approaches Veer heeding Shivaay’s instruction misses seeing Soumya.

Anika probes Veer about his plans. Veer says the falling poster was just a warm-up, the real danger was coming in few moments. A shocked Anika tries to get the truth out of Veer. Veer reveals he has mixed a intoxicant in the juice (while Oberoi’s attention was focused on the poster).

Anika hurries to Shivaay to alert him about Veer’s new plan. Just as Anika begins to inform Shivaay about Veer’s new plan. Shivaay gets crazy. he begins to behave weirdly. Shivay begins to talk about getting violent on Veer. A shocked Anika rushes to OmRu and they too begin to act weirdly. OmRu join Shivaay and each one boasts about beating up and doing violence to Veer.

Veer comes and the three brothers circle him like broody, vengeful lions. Suddenly all three collapse and fall deeply asleep!!!

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