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J.W.Anderson Winter Autumn Collection 2018 is HERE!! |Fall 2018 Fashion

Jonathan Anderson, the master of winter aka Sweater is here with his 2018 Fall collections. Our senses long attuned to seeing morose, dreary colors walking the fall runway was pleasantly surprised to see, strong colors, bright but muted colors brightening the runway. J.W.Anderson’s Fall 2018 collections makes you stand out but not stand apart from the crowd. It has a unique signature all its own.

Anderson has everything covered from accessories to taffeta dresses. Macho military outfits transformed into mellowed civilian clothes. Bunny ears for men that lends a tone of whimsy while adding army green ribbed hoodies to girls lending an aura of strength to the wearer.

The clothes were well put and has a ‘Subtle liveliness’ to them. They are not something that makes you blend into the fall fog, rather they offer a hint of summer in winter. The collections are not something that has to be adored only on the mannequins, rather it is wearable by the common man and woman. It’s trendy, fashionable but is not freaky.

These are some of my favorite looks from J.W.Anderson fall 2018 Runway collections:











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