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Kaashmora Review Of The Movie Featuring Karthi, Vivek & Nayanthara, Sri Divya

Kaashmora ReviewDeepavali is the time for fun, mischief and laughter. The movies that get released during this time adds to the merriment, we wish for a light hearted, laughter filled movies that are less on pathos! Kaashmora is one such movie that ticks all the boxes, well almost.

Summary (possible spoilers)

Karthi as Kaashmora

Kaashmora (Karthi) is a ghost whisperer cum excorcist cum black magician. He is a small time magician who solves peoples problems. Soon he rises to prominence and comes to the attention of big time politician who makes him hi asthana ‘obstacle remover’. But Kaashmora and his whole family continue their public service through their public Ashram. People throng his place to fulfill their demands. Life turns a arc when the minister sends about 400 crores of welath and secret documents to Kaashmora’s house for safekeeping during a raid. Kaashmora and his parents grab the black money and plan to flee the place but things take an unexpected turn when everyone end up in a “ghost palace”.

The wrathful politician soon realizes the fradulent nature of Kaashmora, he unleashes both the state machinery and the anti-social elements on the helpless Kaashmora’s family but they are protected by Raj Nayak (again Karthi) the resident ghost who seeks Kaashmora’s help to break a curse and leave for heaven! But is everything as it seem? What is the back story of Raj Nayak? Why does Ratna Mahadevi loathe and hate him? What is the reason for his curse and who caused it? how will it be broken? How will Kaashmora save himself and his family? You want to know – Watch the movie!

Opinion Piece:

The trailer of Kaashmora seemed to indicate that it was another cousin to Baahubali  but the actuality is different.  The whole of Kaashmora is rollicking roller coaster ride of fun, laughter and more laughter. Yet there is a strong influence of Magadheera, Rudramadevi and BB in it! This influence is seen in the revelation of Raj Nayak’s story, who is a war lord of a mythical kingdom. 

Karthi as Raj Nayak in Kashmora

The ride is pretty smooth up until the interval when we are getting acquainted with Kaashmora and his father. But after the interval comes Raj Nayak who fills the screen with his majestic presence and royal aura – so where is the flaw?  The flaw or the weakness is in the buildup of Raj Nayak’s story, it evolves too rapidly for the viewer’s to watch and absorb. Moreover, the fight scenes of  Raj Nayak  comes one after the other without a pause (it does appear so) making it seem as one continous fight testing the patience of the viewers. More depth could have been added to the scenes of RN!


Karthi as Kaashmora and Raj Nayak is the life, soul and essence of this movie. He is ably supported by Vivek who plays his father. Though Vivek comes now and again but once he is on, he cracks you up with deadly one liners. Another character who I must mention is the ‘ broker’ who is found inside the haunted palace. Though brief, he leaves an indelible mark.

Kudos to the stunt master and the art director. The music was jarring at places but was otherwise adequate.

Nayanthara as RatnaMahadevi in Kashmora

Nayanthara is undoubtedly the most beautiful heroine of Kollywood, she looks ravishingly gorgeous in Kashmora but that’s just it! I guess, she believed that looking beautiful and posturing is enough because there is not a drop of nuanced acting in getting the viewer’s to emphathize with Ratna! ( Where has the actor who played Maya disappeared?).

Poor CGI is a letdown, it acted as a speed breaker downing our enthu periodically.

Sri Divya Kaashmora review

Ohh Yes!! Sri Divya was there… Yes, she was in the movie!

I felt the character of the politician should have been allowed to evolve especially after the sinister introduction scene. Instead, he is turned less potent. A pincer attack from the politician outside and the ghosts from within on Kaashmora and his family would have made for a better stuff.


A good fun time family entertainer! Good for one time watch!


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