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Kaashmora trailer review

Kaashmora Trailer Review- A Fantasy Thriller Relying On Visual Magic

Kaashmora Trailer Review Featuring Karthi, Nayanthara

For the south film fans particularly the Telugu movie lover’s, the name ‘Kashmora’ has a special significance. The horror movie of the 80s shook up a whole generation of moviegoers, so when another movie with the same name albeit with extra ‘a’ was announced, it created a buzz among the old and new fans of movies. The buzz grow to a hum when Karthi’s ‘look’ was released! There was a breathless wait for the trailer and the trailer did come, did it meet our anticipation or did it fizzle out?

Ok, Let’s talk about the positives in the Kaashmora trailer review

Kaashmora Trailer review

1. From what we have seen, the cinematography  enhances the movie with its offering of the visual feast. Be it the way it pans the temple courtyard or the as it lovingly caresses the contours of Nayanthara, the camera works its magic.

Kaashmora trailer review

2. Kudos to the makeup man who transformed Karthi into a warrior, the bald head, and the tattoo convinces us that here is a warrior from a bygone era, a champion who can singlehandedly take on 100 soldiers and win!

3. The deft mixing of the ancient era, supernatural stuff and the present era.

Kaashmora trailer review

4. Nayanthara as usual looks stunningly beautiful but what is the surprise package is the fact that her character comes across as aggressive, which is not the norm for her – so definitely something to look forward to.

Kaashmora trailer review

5. The ‘aged’ kid who sees ‘ALL’ and drops vignettes of wisdom/prophecy in ancient Tamil lends a gravitas to the sequences.

Kaashmora trailer review

The film begins with the ‘Hawk/eagle’ motif and the king of birds is quickly associated with Karthi. Karthi as the ancient warrior king is full of  courage, power, skill. His aggression and nonchalance as he skins, beheads and kills off his enemies in the battlefront is a sight to behold.

Kaashmora trailer review

As mentioned earlier, his costume provides an additional boost to his character. There is a point in the movie where Karthi looks exactly like Surya minus his angelic softness. That scene, I believe is to showcase the unparalleled stamina of the warrior king.

Kaashmora trailer review

The film appears to show the typical story of the battle between the good and bad. The good are represented by the eagle while the bad seem to be represented by the snake motif. It seems to be a battle that seems to have been conducted through centuries (it remind you about Aayirathil Oruvan).

Now the negatives

Kaashmora trailer review

1. The biggest minus is the scenes which remind you of other movies. There is an army formation scene that reminds you of  ‘Rudramadevi’, a couple of fights remind you about ‘Magadheera’ ( where he takes it many to one) and Nayanthara’s attitude reminds you about ‘Neelambari’ from ‘Padayappa’.

2. The second  minus for me is the costumes; what the heck are they? what is Karthi doing dressed up as a North Indian king? Why is Nayan dressed as a North Indian princess? If the story is set in the north, what is with those prophetic sayings in pure Tamil? That part does not gel.

3. Above we mentioned the North Indian costumes for royalty but the war costumes remind you of the Hollywood movie 300 which was all about Spartans!

4. VFX are poor at some parts but what could one expect when the budget does not meet the aspirations.

Kaashmora trailer review

5. How much ever we try, we are unable to imagine Nayanthara as the warrior princess capable of slaying enemies, in fact, she seems to be an unfulfilled poor man’s copy of Deepika Padukone in BajiraoMastani. There is a lack of intensity, anger, skill when she wields the sword but she does look beautiful.

6. The background music by Santhosh does not add to the trailer, it is rather jarring at points.

Kaashmora trailer review

7. The weapons used are not authentic either! but then we have to remind ourselves that this is a fantasy movie set somewhere on Earth or maybe not and to expect logic and authenticity is foolishness on our part.

Kaashmora trailer review

Sri Divya comes in few scenes as a nerdy geek who probably connects the dots and maps out the whole saga in the movie.

I believe after Thozha, this is Karthi’s next. Kaashmora is different from Thozha, this movie is out of his comfort zone and one wherein he really has to work at it, has Karthi succeeded or not, only movie’s BO will say. But as of now, the trailer is a visual grandeur that delights the eyes.

Best Moment in the trailer:

Watch The Trailer Below:


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