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Review of Kahaani2

Review of Kahaani2 : Kahaani with no twist

Kahaani2 : Kahaani with no twist

Review of Kahaani2

Vidya-Arjun shine, film doesn’t.

This is the kahaani where the story fails miserably due to a lopsided plot and predictable data points hence completely obliterating that one ‘suspense’ element which Kahaani of 2002 is remembered for. I guess, the climax or the surprise(if you may call so) was just an afterthought, as in to maintain that continuity factor in both the movies.

Review of Kahaani 2

Sujoy Ghosh will be quite successful in his attempt to pull the audience to the theatres due to the title but sadly, the sequel (the only connection is Kolkata and VB) neither outperforms nor lives up to the expectations of the original. He has to up the ante if he wants to continue with K franchise. It would have been much better if the film was marketed by a different name with a tagline–from the makers of Kahaani.

Review of Kahaani 2


Having said this, I still feel, its worth one time watch. Vidya justifies the role to the T, Arjun’s restraint acting, pitch perfect performance yet again by the supporting cast and quite interesting narrative in the first half are enough reasons to spend 120+ minutes of your weekend.

Food for thought: If Inder was not Durga’s husband, would it have salvaged the situation, a bit at least?

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