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Kasam Written Update

Kasam 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 22nd February 2017 Written Update

The Serial starts with the scene in which Rishi and Tanuja are getting kept at the same place. Rishi says to Tanuja that we both are getting die for each other. Even we both got married, and now started to love each other. We both are doing everything for each other. But now I just want to tell you one thing. Tanuja asks what? Rishi says that you are very good girl and I just want to say that I love you so much. Tanuja looks on. Rishi is trying to open the ropes. Rishi shift his chair near to Tanuja ‘s chair. Tanuja ask what are you doing? Rishi says please shut your mouth. Tanuja says okay. Then Rishi go behind to Tanuja. And try to open the rope. But Tanuja think that he is doing romance with her.
Tanuja says please Rishi this is not the time of Romance. Rishi says please shut your mouth. I am trying to open the rope with my mouth. You every time think about Romance. Finally Rishi open the rope. On the other hand Manpreet is talking with his wife. Rishi and Tanuja listen the voice of someone and they get hide there. A man come there and then Rishi hit to him with something. The man get faint there. Rishi and Tanuja run away from there. But Shekhar come come there from the front. Rishi and Tanuja again hide there. Shekhar is saying to other that I am thinking that the Kidnapping business is best. Because it is so simpe to earn money.
Then Rishi and Tanuja run away from there. Rishi spread the oil on the floor. Tanuja says to Rishi that please run because this idea run in the Bollywood movies. Rishi says please wait and watch because when they will get slip here then it will be a amazing moment. Rishi and Tanuja run from there. Shekhar and other goons run behind them. But they get slip there. So finally Rishi and Tanuja run away from there. Rishi close the shutter. They sit into the car and then Rishi says I have no key. Tanuja says please find the key otherwise they will catch us. Rishi start the car without the key. Then Tanuja says sometime I think I get marry with a Looffer. Rishi says you say me Lufunder.
Rishi and Tanuja reach somewhere. Then Tanuja says I am not feeling well. Rishi says I will not believe on you this time. But suddenly Tanuja get faint there. So let ‘s see what will happen in the coming episode of Kasam.


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