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Kasam Written Update

Kasam 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

The Serial Kasam starts with the scene in which Shekhar kidnap to Tanuja. Shekhar says to Rishi that look your Tanuja is here. Shekhar says that if you want Tanuja and give me your business. Rishi says I know that you can do anything for money. Then Shekhar says okay so give the documents. Rishi says okay bring the documents. Shekhar says what are you saying? Rishi says yes I am ready to transfer the company. Shekhar says please tell me what is in between you and Tanuja. Rishi says you can understand. Shekhar says okay wait I will prepare the documents. Tanuja reach to the house of Malaika. Tanuja ring the door bell. But Malaika is busy with Shekhar on cell phone. Tanuja says okay I am coming there. Shekhar says okay come because Rishi is ready to transfer the company.

Tanuja is listening this all. When Malaika is talking with Shekhar. Tanuja sit into the car of Malaika. Shekhar give the documents to Rishi. Shekhar says to Rishi that one is thing I am taking your home with your business. Rishi is thinking something. Then Shekhar ask what are you thinking? Are you thinking about money. Rishi says that I will do sign when you will show Tanuja. Rishi says I need proof. Shekhar get shocked because Tanuja is not with Shekhar. Rishi says that I will see to Tanuja then I will sign on the paper. Malaika reach to there. Tanuja is also in the car of Malaika but she don’t know about this.

Shekhar is going to take the proof of Tanuja. they again tied to Rishi with the chair. Rishi is thinking that he was alone when they kidnap to him. Rishi is trying to escape himself. Then suddenly Tanuja reach there. Malaika reach there and she enter into the godown. Tanuja is also following to Malaika. But Malaika get some doubt on that someone is following to her. Malaika check here and there. Then Shekhar come there and he says now from where we will get the proof of Tanuja. Malaika ask what happened? Shekhar says he wants the proof of Tanuja. Then Shekhar says to Lawyer that now you work has finished. So please go from here.

Rishi says to Tanuja that what are you doing here? Tanuja says I am finding you here and there. When I come to know that you get kidnapped? Then I reach there. I follow to Malaika and then I sit in her car. Rishi says now please open my rope. Rishi ask but tell me you don’t get kidnapped. Tanuja says you tied here with the rope. So you get kidnapped not me. Tanuja and Rishi are doing fighting with each other. Tanuja says okay I am going. But Tanuja says no you save me from the goons. Now I will save to you. Shekhar bring the duplicate proof of Tanuja. When Tanuja is trying to open the rope then Shekhar reach there.

Shekhar also kidnapped to Tanuja. Shekhar is laughing on Tanuja and Rishi.



The Serial starts with the scene in which Rishi and Tanuja are getting kept at the same place. Rishi says to Tanuja that we both are getting die for each other. Even we both got married, and now started to love each other. We both are doing everything for each other. But now I just want to tell you one thing. Tanuja asks what? Rishi says that you are very good girl and I just want to say that I love you so much. Tanuja looks on


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