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man addicted to you

10 Tips To Make Your Man Addicted To You

man addicted to youHave you ever felt that insecurity of losing your guy to someone else? Don’t you believe in your bond with him? I know you do, but there’s something that holds you back. Well, what if your man gets so addicted to you that you can feel that security in your relationship. Here are 10 tips to get your man addicted to you.

1. Your personality will make your man addicted to you

man addicted to you

Your personality is something which attracts people around you. Remember, a guy always keeps his eyes on his girl. So, he also notices the way you present yourself and the way you talk to people around you.

2. A feature of Yours

man addicted to you

There’s always a feature of your body that attracts your guy. Make sure, you use your that feature very well. It may be your smile, your eyes, your hair, your expressions, or may be the way you walks. Just use it on proper timings.

3. Your confidence

man addicted to you

Be confident in your own skin, and your partner will reflect your confidence in him. Thus, making him feel dragged towards you. Your poise and confidence make him respect you even more.

4. Be Full of Life

man addicted to you

A girl who’s life is filled with excitement and fun will attract her partner in many ways. He would be delighted to be a part of your life, especially, when he secretly desires to have a life like yours.

5. Independence

man addicted to you

Your independence is a plus factor for you. Guys like those girls who can take care of themselves in their own way. But they also like it when the girl asks for her guy’s help for things which can be easily done.
It may be just to open a jar or to drop you somewhere nearby.

6. Play various characters

man addicted to you

Your guy will stick to you forever if you know how to play with a number of characters in his life. The time when he is feeling low, care like a mother. For other times, possess him like a wife. When in bed, play seductive and be bold  about what you want from him.

7. Do not open up

man addicted to you

Let him take the first step to understand you on his own. Do not display everything about you. Leave a piece of information untouched. Make him explore you bit by bit. Be a mystery and let him solve it without your help.

8. Understand his desires

man addicted to you

Your guy dreams about you. Try to find out what he dream about you. What are his desires from you or from this relationship?

9. Be his friend

man addicted to you

There are times when a guy wants to share few things with their friends. Be that friend of his. You don’t need to suggest him anything or comment on the situation.
He just wants someone who can listen to him without judging him. Try not to use this condition of his (especially his words) as a weapon for any future fight.

10. Play with him

man addicted to you

Seduce him when you are in a public place. When alone seduce him to kiss you then tease him by not letting him kiss. Smile lightly. Let him touch you, then step back. Let him crave for you.

Let me know if these works for you. There are a number of other tips I can share to make your man addicted to you.

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