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Mother-in-law aka MIL : Is She The Boon Or Bane Of Your Life

Mother-in-law, the word itself either makes you feel connected to it or disconnected. It’s all about the mentality. Two individuals usually have their own perspectives for every situation. Their perspectives might give birth to a conflict or you people will become a supporter of each other.

Conflicts will be a synonym for bane. A conflict which occurs with the attitude of “I am the boss of everything”. A mother-in-law will always be a bane when she tries to get everything under her control.

Your mother-in-law will annoy you when you are not ready to accept as your mother. This time, it is up to you only. As you are not open enough to let anybody to care for you, then obviously her love, affection will make you feel suffocated.

MIL (Mother-in-law) as Boon:

1. Personally, I feel it’s a boon to have a mother-in-law. You’ll get someone with whom you’ll feel a resemblance to your mother. A mother is someone who can take away all your fears, sorrows. If you are lucky enough to have such a MIL, then do not let go of her.

Mother-in-law MIL

2. It’s good to have someone around you to guide you throughout this new life of yours. You found a mentor to step ahead in your life, with all those upcoming ups and downs in your life.

3. Isn’t it feels to good to know what are your mistakes? I would be delighted to accept any criticism with a suggestion to overcome it. It helps you to grow as a person.

4. You’ll get that similar love, affection, and care as of your mother’s. Love is something you would be craving for in this new life of yours.

mother-in-law aka MIL

5. You already got a friend to share your personal problems. All those problems which you are going to face in this new relationship, you are no more alone in this.

MIL(Mother-in-law) as Bane:

1. I am not a very patient person. And I loathe to being pointed out for every silly reason. Now, if you are not good with your luck, you are probably destined to get an annoying mother-in-law. The one who’ll criticize you for everything.

mother-in-law a bane

2. She’s surely a bane if she’s not ready to let go of her son/daughter. It irritates a lot when you are unable to spend a quality time with the person you genuinely like or wants to know.
Now, if your mother-in-law is someone who doesn’t let your partner get closer to you, then she is going to be a headache for you.

3. Micro-management is something which no one likes. Trying to manage situations is fine, but everyone needs personal space from being managed.

mother in law

4. No support. This relationship would transform into a curse when she is not being a supporter of you for anything or everything.

5. When she is forcing you to do something against your will. Maybe it’s the way you dress-up or the way you present yourself.

This relationship is up to you, how you would like to mould it. Either you can mould it in your support or against you. But obviously, it takes two to tango.

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