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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

The serial starts when Raghav come back to India. Nainas boss says to her that she has to attend his Boss. Naina come to the Airport to attend the client. Here Raghav is getting angry because no one is there to receive him. Raghav says that Pandey is fool. Raghav is trying to contact him but there is no network in the cell phone. Naina is standing there to attend the client. But she has to go to washroom. Naina go to the washroom. On the other side Raghav is waiting for some. But Naina and Raghav don’t know that they are at Airport. Raghav is trying to call to Pandey but his cell phone is out of reachable. Naina come out from the washroom.

Raghav’s face is just opposite to Naina. Naina see that someone is hiding his beg. So Naina think that there is something problem in his beg. So Naina think that she has to call to Police. Naina go to the Police station and then she tells to Police that she has a doubt on a man. Because he place his beg under the badge. On the other hand Raghav is trying to call to Pandey and at last the call connect with Pandey. Raghav is saying to Pandey that where is the man on the Airport? Raghav says to him that I will blast your school with the bomb. Then the Police reach there and then they arrest to Raghav.

Raghv says to Police that I am not culprit so why are you arresting me? The Police says that we will talk to you in the Police station. The Policeman says to Naina that are you sure he is the terrorist. Naina says that please look toward my face and you think that I can tell the lie to you. The Police brings to Raghav to the Police station. Raghav says to Police that I am innocent. So please remove the Hathkadi from my hands. The Police is doing investigation with Raghav.

Police calls to Naina to the Police because they want that she has to identify that person. Naina says that but I did not see him. The police says to her that just you have to identify that the man is look like that one. Raghav is saying to Police that you have some misunderstanding. Because I am business man and I come to India for my work. The police check the bag and then they come to know that Raghav is innocent. Raghav is getting angry because he is thinking that the lady wasted the time of Police as well as his.

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