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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 22nd February 2017 Written Update

The serial starts with the scene in which Naina's health is not well. 
The Police calls to her to identify that person. But she is not well so she come back to her 
office. The police leave to Raghav. Raghav gets so much upset and he says if Pandey send the 
person to pick me. Then I dont get stuck here. On the other hand Naina do vomit on the blazer 
of Raghav. But Raghav dont meet to Naina. And he dont know that the lady who filed the 
complaint against him that is Naina. Naina go to the office and then Pandey scolds to her. 
Pandey says to her that you know you file the complaint against the client. 
Naina get shocked to hear this. Pandey says to Naina that now you have to think to save your 
Job. Because now your Job is in danger.

The next scene start Naina is sleeping at her house. Pandey calls to Naina and says to her 
that go and convince to client otherwise you will lose your job. Naina says okay sir. 
Naina reach to the house of Raghav. Here Raghav is busy with her girl friend. Raghavs 
girlfriend says to Raghav that she wants to get marry with him. But Raghav knows that she is 
so much clever. And she is dying to marry with him because of money. The girl says to Raghav 
that I will call to my mom. Raghav says okay call to your mom and tell her that I have nothing
. Because I will give the all property in charity. The girl get shocked to hear this.

Raghav says to her that also tell to your mom that I am alcoholic. The girl change her mind 
and she says mom is not receiving the call. Raghav says your mom is not receiving the call 
from last two years. Because your mom is no more from last two years. The girl get shocked and
 ask what you mean? Raghav says I know that your father is now living with another lady and 
she is not your mom. Naina is listening all the talk of Raghav and that girl. Naina don't meet with him. 
Now they don't know about each other.

Raghav come to the office of Pandey. Where Naina is telling to her boss that your client is so 
cheap and he don't do respect of girl. So please don't do the business with that client. Raghav
 is hearing this all. Pandey is trying to stops to Naina but Naina is not understanding that 
the client is just behind her. Naina says to Pandey that where are you looking sir. Naina get 
turn and then she see that Raghav is there. Then she comes to know that Raghav is the client.

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