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tighten the sagging breasts

Plagued by Sagging Breasts? These 5 Methods Will Help You In Tightening The Sagging Breasts

Every woman would love to have firm, sexy and spry looking breast. But there are certain factors that can and does cause premature sagging of breasts in women. How to tighten the sagging breasts?

What causes sagging?

There are a number of factors that cause your breast to sag like;
Age. From your thirties, your breast may start to sag.


Breast Feeding

Wearing the poor fitting bra


Rapid weight loss
Breast are paramount to a woman, and any woman would do anything to make them look sexy. Do you know how to tighten breasts?

Here are five ways to tighten the sagging breasts.

1. Exercises

It is advised to do exercise early morning because your muscles haven’t stretched they are still at rest.
Bend your head back and forth. Straighten your shoulder, push your body back then lower downwards. By doing this exercise, you will be strengthening your pectoral muscle, and you’ll be tightening your sagging breast.

Cobra Pose

tighten breasts
Source: yoga

Lie on a mat with your head facing down and toes pointing back. Support your body with your hands right below your chest. Breathe and raise your body to a backwards position as your chest extends upward. For best results do this exercise daily.

Push ups

Do push ups. Lie on your tummy and with the support of your hands raise your body from the floor without you knees bending. Push ups is a great exercise for breast lifting.

Put your arms in front of your breast and lock them. Press your palm forcefully on the breast. This exercise tightens  breasts

2. Stand in the right Posture

tightening sagging breasts
Source: My Yoga Tribe

When standing, stand straight, and your shoulder should be upright. Upright standing will make your breast appear firmer.

3. Massaging

Massaging your breast every morning and evening in an upward movement for 15 minutes will contribute to making your breast firm.

Massaging helps in blood circulation. You can use olive oil, aloe vera gel, coconut oil or almond oil as a massage oil.

4. Use Aloe Vera gel

tighten the sagging breasts
Source: StyleCraze

Aloe Vera is a known to have natural skin tightening properties.

Massage aloe vera gel onto your breast by massaging for ten minutes then leaving it for ten minutes.

Rinse it off with warm water.

Use aloe vera for four weeks for useful results.

You may also use a mixture of aloe vera and honey then massage onto your breast for ten minutes and leave for ten minutes. Rinse the mixture with warm water then cold water.

5. Wear Special Bras

Tighten the sagging breasts
Source: Vintage or Tacky

Look for bras that support and holds firm your breast. Go for bras that are comfortable.

If you don’t know your bra size, measure the size of your fullest bust, from back to front using a tape measure. Write down the measurement. Measure the size of your band and right down the number. Subtract your band measurement from your bust. The difference is your bra size. When a result is an odd number, add one.
Whatever exercise you choose to take your time into the practice. With exercise, it might take some time to see the results. Press on until you see the results.

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