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Pros And Cons, Features of iPhone 7

Read on to find all you would need to know about iPhone 7.

Features of iPhone 7

  • Camera: 21MP Auto Focus Camera with DSLR-quality images
  • Quad HD (2560X1440) Super AMOLED Display
  • 3D Video Playback & Camcorder
  • 64GB of internal storage
  • next-generation A9 processor
  • 2GB RAM & 64GB Internal Storage
  • Battery : 3500 mAh
  • No headphone jack
Features of iPhone 7
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Pros & Cons


    1. Sleeker and Slimmer

    The iPhone 7 ditches the 3.5mm headphone jack to make it slimmer than iPhone 6S, dropping its weight from 7.1mm-thick to 6.5mm. Instead, a wireless earphone is designed for users to listen to music and more. Plus, the ugly plastic antenna bands integrated into the rear are removed further.

    1. More Storage on Advanced Models

    iPhone 7 ‘s 256GB storage option finally comes to us, which is reasonable especially when it shipes with 12-megapixel dual-lens camera. The end of 16GB is a main iPhone 7 advantage over iPhone 6S/6 and fits the bill of many multimedia maniacs for 4k video shooting tasks.

    1. Innovative iOS 10 Wins Massive Applause

    A zillion of users can’t wait to update iOS 9 to iOS 10, just because it brings you dozens of amazing new features. You can uninstall and remove stock apps like weather, stock, calculator from your iPhone 7; send iMessage with live photo or special effects for full screen and apply Siri to the third party apps and more.

    1. Faster Next-gen A10 Chip

    With the new A10 clip, there are distinct iPhone 7 advantages over older iPhones. It is 2X higher performance than iPhone 6, and 30 power reduction in the A10, 6-core processor paired in iPhone 7. iPhone 6s on A9 is pretty efficient and powerful. Now the A10 clip is making iPhone 7 the fastest smartphone.

    1. Longer Battery Life

    The pros of iPhone 7 also include longer battery life. As the headphone jack is removed, more space is freed up to store larger battery. According to Apple, iPhone 7 is up to 2 hours longerbattery compared with iPhone 6s, with the battery goes from 1,715 mAh to 1,960 mAh. Combined with iOS 10 and A10 benefits, this is quite a long battery life.

iPhone 7
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  1. Lack 3D Cameras, Advanced VR

3D and VR are probably the hottest buzzwords now. But iPhone 7 features neither 3D cameras nor VR, which can be seen in the latest Android phones. This is disappointing if you want to see your own visual creations come to life or impose accurate augmented-reality objects on top of your view.

  1. Annoying Limitations in Files Transfer

Problem is still here for iPhone 7 on iOS 10. iPhone 7 users can’t easily transfer and backup files like music, photos, videos from old iPhone 6s/Plus, iPhone SE to iPhone 7, let alone transfer iPhone 7 content to Mac/PC computer for backup unless they seek aids from the professional iPhone manager.

  1. No Strength As for Android USB Drive

Android phones can be used as a mobile USB hard drive to save files, while iPhone 7 still can’t play that role. For the iPhone 7 users who desire to use iPhone 7 as a hard drive for files backup, it’s advisable to resort to a solids iPhone mounter for help.

  1. Similar Design

One of the biggest iPhone 7 disadvantages is the similar design to iPhone 6s/6. Except, the removal of headphone jack and thinner structure mentioned in iPhone 7 pros, there is no substantial redesign in iPhone 7. The overall design of iPhone 7 stays largely identical to that of iPhone 6s/6, making iPhone 7 less attractive.

  1. No Breakthrough Feature

There are various new features in the latest iPhone, including advanced dual-len camera, longer battery life, faster performance etc. However, there is no breakthrough highlight in iPhone 7 to compete with its competitors. For example, the combination with VR tech in Samsung Galaxy S7 is so cool.

  1. High Price Tag Scares Many Buyers

High price tag is probably one of the main disadvantages. They are pricier than many Android phones thus making buyers step back due to limited budget.

iPhone 7 plusjetblack
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